While CCTV cameras bloom at every corner – 350 will be operational by end 2017 – the town plans to report offenders filmed offense.

Since the new municipality has decided to accelerate the implementation of CCTV in the city, the CCTV cameras bloom every street corner in the center but also in the suburbs. 108 devices are already installed and dedicated to monitoring and prevention, which images are viewed round the clock, by the operators of the new command post of Saint-Cyprien (our Saturday edition March 12).

While 350 cameras will be operational by the end of 2017, Olivier Arsac, deputy mayor of Toulouse in charge of security, confirmed that the video was good verbalization to study in Toulouse: “We plan to verbalize through video under certain conditions to the study, “responded the elected municipal and metropolitan in” La Dépêche du Midi “:” This system, already used in several French cities, offers new possibilities, in particular as regards the shared spaces, as the square of the sea bream, where we have great difficulty in enforcing the no parking, especially at night, despite the passage several times already, the pound, and removal of several vehicles on offense. ”

The cameras, which film and record (the images are kept one month) permanently various sites in the city, under the eye of police and municipal operators could live in alerting effect on a parking lot or illegal conduct or dangerous . Big Brother video assistant contract!

Like verbalization by automatic radar (excessive speed or red lights), photos or captures images, along with the date and time of the offense, validated by municipal police, would serve as evidence and P-V. would be sent directly and automatically to the home of the offender (or at least the owner of the vehicle indicated on the registration card). The P-V of the recipient. have the opportunity to challenge the infringement by conventional procedures.

The advantage of the system put forward by the leaders of cities that have adopted it, besides the return of extra money and the savings compared to a P-V. classical trained by officers on patrol, would improve traffic flow (motorists, scalded, would avoid to park in inconvenient places traffic, two abreast or against the sidewalks, for example) and to fight against road accidents punishing dangerous behavior (traffic the wrong way on the bus lanes, crossing red lights).