It really is not difficult to understand why the rechargeable batteries are becoming more popular. The batteries can not be recharged are buying so ephemeral that they really give the impression of throwing his money down the drain. This not only makes us buy new batteries when running out of juice, but there is also the ecological problem of recycling. Rechargeable batteries have therefore a clear advantage: they can be reused almost as many times as desired, offsetting the problem that must be recharged regularly enough. To avoid having to carry around a bulky USB charger, these rechargeable AA batteries just have a little something in addition to those you already know, but that makes all the difference.
Rechargeable LR6 without wall charger
A company called Moixa USBCELL offers the rechargeable battery and the battery has NOTHING TO DO with other batteries we’ve seen so far. The end of these rechargeable batteries + is actually a kind of small cap that rocker to discover a USB in order to recharge these batteries AA absolutely anywhere, without having to take the lead or to encumber a bulky battery charger and thus taking the place absolutely nothing. We all have USB ports myriad home, office or even in the car, so why not use it to recharge our batteries? These rechargeable AA batteries work well in remote controls, joysticks, mouse, digital cameras, or really any other device using LR6 stick.
What else on rechargeable AA batteries Moixa?
These are NiMH 1.2 V 1300 mAh and that recharge to 90% in just 5 hours. As these batteries can be recharged hundreds and hundreds of times, investment (minimal and more!) Will be incredibly quickly amortized. Owning such batteries have also a beneficial effect on your wallet, but also a big impact on our environment because the batteries and not the easiest to recycle products. Using rechargeable AA USBCELL 50 times, you will avoid the emission of 7 kg of CO2 in the atmosphere and have prevented the creation of 3 kg of toxic waste (which is roughly the weight of 50 classic LR6 batteries) . A lot of USB 2 rechargeable LR6 avoids buying nearly 1,000 batteries! The best ideas are sometimes the simplest really!