The intercom or bell at the front door, it’s a bit the same story as the landline: it often sounds either as unwelcome time (eg in the bath), or when one is absent. Although the landline largely fell into disuse, this does not prevent us from being still bothered on our laptops. These, however, have one advantage: we see who calls and can make the decision to land or not, wherever you may be. Would it not great to do the same with our front door? Wireless video door entry could be the solution to this problem.

A detachable intercom anywhere

Whether you have a big house and too lazy to go and see who rings the doorbell if one waits for no one (this could very well be a VRP or someone with theories about the Bible), that one at the office or that we have been absent in learned well that someone was coming, the intercom Ring® is a WiFi video doorman who will not only filter out people who are on the no your door, but also to answer them, wherever you are.

The videophone Ring® is a wireless video device that sends alerts to your smartphone or tablet as soon as someone presses the button of your doorbell. Its app for iOS and Android, so you can see who is on your doorstep, directly from your mobile, and thus decide whether to answer or not.

What else on the intercom Ring®?

Installation is extremely easy and gives you a choice of two methods: either you connect to an existing diet or using the internal battery (rechargeable via USB) which can apparently provide up to 1 year of life. WiFi Ring® video doorman fixed on a support using a screw type that owns them so no one can steal it (and if it happens anyway, Ring® send you a free new video intercom). The videophone Ring® also has a sensor mode movements, you can adjust the angle and you can turn on and off as needed. As the camera has more of a night vision HD, this wireless video doorman you really will go on holiday with confidence.