Enemy longtime electronics in general, the heat has often done much damage (bugs, gels, power surges, crashes, explosions, etc.). Despite progress constantly observed in the field of computer hardware, manufacturers have still not managed to find an adequate solution and inexpensive cooling problem of our laptops in order to lower the CPU temperature or the graphics card . We were forced to adapt as can be: frequent change of position, hibernate, work in open space and airy, air-conditioning of the workspace, and more often, using external cooling devices. However, the problem with conventional coolers is that they are not always able to thoroughly get rid of the hot air and usually make ventilate.

The CPU temperature had better hold

This is to bring a new solution, this is the place to say much more efficient than the Klim Cool was invented. This is a quite innovative cooler which allows to lower the temperature from 15 to 30 ° C and, therefore, the CPU temperature. It is a compact and intelligent product, which automatically measures the temperature of your laptop (it is displayed on the LED screen of the device) and activates its cooling capabilities as soon as the measured temperature is above 16 ° C. Unlike other cooling solutions for laptops , cool Klim does not break, but draws warm air, discharges and power is a function of the current temperature of your computer: everything is automatically made to bring the material to reasonable CPU temperature level. You can also opt for manual mode if you want to set yourself suction power.

What more on the cooler for PC laptop Klim Cool?

From a weight of just 155 g, the cooling system for laptop PC Klim Cool is 15 mm x 8.3 mm x 40 mm, which greatly facilitates transport. Connectivity is USB type and it has 4 sizes of silicone tips to enable it to fit most laptops.

Hundreds of shoppers have been thrilled with this product that really seems to be THE solution for cooling laptop and not worry about the CPU temperature.