While some manufacturers such as Corsair, Razer or even Mad Catz are expanding their range of mice with wireless models, SteelSeries prefers another approach by introducing its first dual optical sensor mouse, the Rival 600.

Difficult to innovate when most mice now have powerful optical sensors, able to meet the requirements of professional players. SteelSeries, however, does not intend to be content with the existing and thus introduces its TrueMove3 +, based on two optical sensors.

But what for, do you wonder, no doubt? The second optical sensor is actually in addition to the TrueMove3 sensor (8.9 m / s, 50 g, tracking 1: 1 and 12,000 dpi) that is already found in the Rival 310 and Sensei 310. Also manufactured by PixArt he does not play the same role: he concentrates on measuring the depth to calculate the lift-off distance. The latter is used to determine from what height the sensor should cut when the mouse is raised – this happens frequently when it is used in low sensitivity, because it is then necessary to refocus the mouse regularly on the carpet. In addition to the ability to precisely adjust this distance, the second sensor TrueMove3 + module can especially detect a record minimum lifting distance of 0.5 mm. Thus, at the slightest takeoff of the mouse, the sensor can cut itself, which avoids “inappropriate movements” and “suppresses micro-vibrations”, according to SteelSeries.

As for the other features of the Rival 600, note in particular its adjustable mass system. Thanks to 8 small masses of 4 g each which can be inserted into the slices of the mouse (4 per slice), the total mass can be varied from 96 g to 128 g and, most importantly, modify the center of gravity of the mouse. the mouse to balance it according to his preferences.

SteelSeries also announces “a stronger trigger system” that “optimizes clicks” for right and left click buttons, as well as the use of exclusive mechanical switches guaranteed for 60 million clicks.

The same silicone material is found on the slices as on the Rival and Sensei 310, but with a smooth texture; the shell, it benefits this time from a finish “soft-touch” and not semi-rough. Relatively large (131 x 69 x 43 mm) without being huge so far, the Rival 600 is designed for palm grip or claw grip and seems rather designed for shooting games (FPS) in particular.

Finally, its on-board memory saves sensor settings, button configuration, macros and light effects, so you can enjoy it on any computer without having to install the SteelSeries Engine software.

The Rival 600 is already marketed on the official website of SteelSeries at the recommended public price of 89.99 €. It should gradually be offered at most web merchants.