The Sony TG3 Camcorder in High definition is an impressive video recording equipment. I have used it for traveling and it’s a gem. It fits into your pocket so you can go with it wherever you want. I found the touchscreen user interface extremely easy to use. The camera is extremely light and looks very slick. Some of the really cool features I found on the Sony TG3 camcorder are listed below.

Footage is easy to find

I can use something called face index to find a particular scene in a long video shoot. I can find shots containing faces in an instant. Film Roll Index cuts longer recordings into shorter ‘chapters’, making it quicker and easier to find the right moment.

Sound quality

I found the sound quality reality good. With the surround sound option, the playbacks on an HD tv is really crisp.

Pictures look so natural

I took a footage on the beach not so long ago and the picture quality was very good. It was a clear hot sunny day but there were no shades or unnatural lights in my recordings.

Small and very compact

As mentioned before the Sony TG3 Camcorder is very small and compact . It’s quite easy to understand why, as it uses a memory stick card instead of those now bulky miniDV tapes. Even though the camcorder is so small, there is no compromise on technical quality.

Capture that moment

The camcorder is ready to start recording as soon as you flip open the screen. You can capture moments straight away and not miss out on a thing.

All in all the Sony TG3 camcorder is value for money.

Ok so you don’t get a case with the camcorder, no HDMI cable,or remote control which was a major negative but all in all, I found the camera is really worth it.

The Sony TG3 Camcorder is light, very slick looking and durable with its titanium body. Before you consider buying the Sony TG3 Camcorder, know the camera inside out. What’s the quality of sound and picture? Get to know the camera from people who own it already. Read the Sony TG3 Camcorder review and overview, where you will find useful information.

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