Sony has once again produced a gadget which cranks out tunes better than any Apple PMP. Sony NWZ-A845 looks and feels great with the OLED screen with the excellent sound quality and also have noise-cancellation feature. But there is slightly bluish display, and it is available only in the black color, there is no gapless format support and the price is also very expensive.

In terms of design Sony is always going to struggle to beat down the iPod nano. The latter is one of the sleekest, sexiest gadgets ever made, a true triumph for Jonny Ive’s design team. By comparison, the A-Series Walkman is nowhere near as well-refined. But then few PMPs are. The black model we tested had the look and feel of the first-gen nano, all hard edges and stark looks. But at 7.5mm thin, it’s still able to slip into even the tightest of pockets. And that size and shape is even more remarkable when you consider the high end tech on the inside.

Sony NWZ-A845 has Sharp Screen

It has 2.8-inches screen size and it’s ample for watching back clips on lengthy train journeys and the wide viewing angle, thanks to AMOLED technology, means your mates can easily see what’s going on over your shoulder. It serves up far clearer shots than the iPod nano, with gorgeous detail and bright colors. Blacks could be a tad deeper, but that’s a minor quibble on such a small device.

The inclusion of BBC iPlayer support is also a winner. You can easily sideload shows using the ‘For media players’ button in iPlayer to optimize clips for the Walkman.

Sony NWZ-A845 has Noise cancelling colossus

The in-built noise cancelling on the A-Series Walkman is brought directly over from the top end X series model. You can choose between three modes: airplane, bus, train and office, each one cutting out more depending on your environment. It’s a feature iPod nano owners can only dream of. In fact, they need to buy dedicated noise cancelling buds to get anywhere near. When we compared the Walkman and its standard earphones to our nano using pair of Klipsch Image S4s on the London Underground, the Sony trounced Apple.

Surprisingly, noise cancelling doesn’t appear to give the battery a hammering. After three days hefty use, it was time for us to give the A-Series Walkman a bit of a boost. But that included using it listen to tracks through our PC speakers as well as via the headphones.


The user interface though, just cannot hold a candle to the iPod nano. The look is almost identical to the X series, with artists scrolling done via the somewhat confusing playback keys at the bottom. To flick through artists alphabetically you need to scroll left to right, but choose a song, band or album, you tap up or down; it’s just not very intuitive.

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