The NEX-VG900 is expected to land in the market in November 2012, and though it has a lot to compete with, this camcorder is set apart from the crowd by a number of interesting features. Some applaudable features are those which fuse the camcorder with a full-frame sensor.

The full-frame sensor on the NEX VG900  is one which hitherto, has been reserved for still photography and measures 35.8x 23.9mm.

To some idealistic cinematographer’s, this fusion is like magic happening before their eyes; while for others the practical implications are too insignificant to actually account. The beauty of the “full-frame” is like an exquisite aged wine for a connoisseur.

The Super 35mm sensor of the VG900 ensures that your pictures have a 1.0x crop factor, which means that your 28mm lens will give you a wide angle view as compared to a regular camera which has a 1.4x crop factor and so gives you a normal angle view with your 28mm lens. For the fanatic who lives to create art through the camcorder, there will be no substitute for the undistorted look the large sensor provides. For the telephoto option, the APS-C mode lends an efficient sensor crop for the smaller sensor.

Another unique feature is the addition of the “form-factor” articulated screens to the VG900 which is a rarity in a full-frame DSLR. In order to understand this you have to imagine yourself trying to take a picture from a very low point on the ground; generally with such a position, you won’t be able to shoot anything but the items lying on the same ground level. However, with a multi-angle screen you can do more than just capture what is in the same plane.

A returning favorite to the world of camcorders is the addition of the zoom rocker switch to the top handle and grip. This feature works without a hitch with any lens especially the new 18-200mm Servo Zoom lens. Sony’s Multi-Interface Shoe makes it exceptionally versatile in coupling up with handycam accessories, such as the XLR-K1M Adapter and Microphone Kit. Also featured is the electronic viewfinder that has always been Sony’s staple, the XGA OLED tru-finder. This EVF has a 2,359k-dot resolution which is a very smart promise towards image quality.

In the case of this beauty, the microphone you will get is certainly something to write home about; Quad Capsule Spatial Array Stereo Microphone is a four microphone system that ensures amazing sound recording and just for good measure you also get inputs for external microphone/headphone.

With the VG900 a Full HD 1920 x 1080 video can be recorded at 60 progressive frames per second, that too in the AVCHD format. For that ultimate “film look” you get the1080/60p smooth motion feature with slow motion, as well as the 24p mode. Video files in the full 1080 HD can be recorded without having to be compressed. An irresistible add-on is the capability of this machine to also be able to record 24MP JPEG and still RAW photographs.

The VG900 has both the E lens-mount as well as an A lens-mount adapter. There is also a host of other smart options like the LA-EA3 which has iris and focus connections. Because of this many AF Minolta lenses also mount onto the A-mount. The image stabilization provided by the Optical Steady Shot feature ensures that you always get a smooth video despite great degrees of camera shake.

The new camcorder works exquisitely with Sony’s Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX series. All the SD memory cards are also compatible with this beautiful machine, and are available in upto 32GB capacity.