This home includes BOSE audio system in one device the features associated with the home theater speakers. Compact and simple, this device provides a single connection guaranteeing unparalleled sound quality than your TV. The SOLO 15 is specifically designed to overcome the problems with the sound of your screen. It will allow you to listen to your movies and shows with great sound quality, enjoying all the sound effects and subtleties that characterize your favorite programs.

The quality of this product lies in a unique acoustic performance through a clear and deep sound, marked by intelligence dialogues with built-in speakers. The SOLO BOSE audio system 15 reward you for its easy and will guarantee maximum comfort. Offering unparalleled transparency and dynamism, this device suitable for all movie fans, offering the best sitting at home.

This speaker stand offers multiple features. Composed of speakers on each side of the box, this machine uses the exclusive TrueSpace technology ensuring the spacious and anchored. With a dedicated center speaker, this model is capable of providing a single transparent dialogues, combined with digital signal processing technology. These features allow a pleasant sound optimization by integrating excellent detail resolution.

This audio system proves very simple to install, with a single box connected to your TV. It easily integrates into your home, it will find its place below your TV. The SOLO 15 is distinguished by an exclusive comfort guarantee. You can adjust the bass easily with a button on the back of the housing. So, enjoy your adequate programs. This model uses a universal remote control that lets you control your device and any sources connected to your TV. The BOSE SOLO 15 will win the largest number with its unique features ensure the best technology.