We already talked about it in September 2015 during its fruitful campaign Kickstarter with more than $ 538,000 collected from the 67,000 asked. Today, SmartHalo arrives in France.

Designed by the Quebec start-up CycleLabs, SmartHalo is a connected device for cyclists that offers many features for a safe journey.

With its sleek design to attach to the handlebars of your bike, the SmartHalo synchronizes with Bluetooth to a mobile application and then relay information with its multicolor and tactile LED screen as well as contextual sounds.

This allows cyclists to navigate precisely and intuitively on the safest routes determined by the application. A programmed alarm can be triggered when the bike is handled while the owner is not nearby. An array of fitness features allow you to track and analyze the use of the bike. Automatic LED lighting makes night travel safer and more enjoyable. Finally, a wizard lets you view incoming calls and messages through notifications that appear on the screen.