In a tablet market that does not show signs of recovery, some manufacturers are trying to attack the segment in an unprecedented way. So instead of delivering an umpteenth touch rectangle without originality, Samsung wanted to present last year an atypical product: the Galaxy Tab Active2. A tablet cut for fighters and professionals.

Descending from the first Active Tab of the name, this new model retains the enhanced look of the previous one with thick borders, an imposing jig and physical buttons. She arrives in her box with a shockproof rubber hull that technically allows her to withstand drops of up to 1.20 m.

Thought for professionals and fighters, the Tab Active2 necessarily moves a little away from the current ergonomic standards of mobile telephony. The slate has a certain fatness with its centimeter thick and edges quite impressive, since the screen does not occupy even 70% of the front. In short, we are far from what Samsung does on products like the Galaxy Tab S3, but at the same time the target audience is not the same.

The tablet is also a little heavy: 419 g on the scale. In short, the Tab Active2 is a beast a little apart because of the audience to which it is addressed. However, the device is not particularly anti-ergonomic: its size of 8 inches (20.3 cm) ensures a good grip with one hand and the volume and ignition buttons are well placed on the right edge. The fingerprint sensor housed in the central button is fast and efficient.

Reinforced side requires, the entire tablet is made of a rigid plastic of good quality. And, rare enough to be underlined, the back shell of the tablet can be removed and the battery of 4450 mAh behind is removable. Good news for those who want to change their battery in case of a breakdown or wear, and a real plus for professionals who use the tablet as a working tool and can not afford to have a device in the road.

A word finally on the rubber hull delivered with the tablet. The latter adds a few grams and a few millimeters thick to the object, but can store the stylus sold with the tablet and provides additional protection to all. Unfortunately, this protection seems a little light, because after a few fall tests, the screen of the tablet broke while the device fell perfectly flat. To believe that the small rubber lips that frame the screen were not enough to cushion the shock.

It is still appropriate to temper the situation a little. First, the device is still working. Second, we subjected the Tab Active2 to a rather extensive “drop-test” process and it took a good number of falls before the accident occurred. In addition, the probability that the device falls perfectly flat, as was the case in our tests, is minimal. In most situations, the slate will first bounce off one of the reinforced corners, thus reducing the falling effect. Nevertheless, a somewhat thicker protection at the screen would probably have saved the tablet in our case, and it’s not like we were a few millimeters thick.