Update on 06/02 – In the face of competition from the iPhone X, Samsung’s next high-end smartphone will have to release the big game What new things to expect on the menu? We take stock.

Since the launch of the iPhone X in September, Apple has monopolized all the attention on the smartphone market. But Samsung, which is the biggest mobile phone seller on the planet, would have enough cartridges with the Galaxy S9 to respond to the Cupertino company. We take stock of what we can expect from the next Korean flagship that will face Apple certainly, but also to Huawei, which now has a place on the global smartphone market, with the exception of the United States.

In order to have an exhaustive list of everything that has been said and will tell about the next smartphone, we classify the rumors in antechronological order (from the most recent to the oldest). The list will be updated as new rumors or information come to us. But before embarking on the enumeration, let’s begin by summarizing what we know.

What we know
This year again we will have at least two models: Galaxy S9 and S9 +
They will be equipped (in Europe) with Exynos 9810 chips
The Galaxy S9 will be officially presented at the MWC 2018 at the end of February
The announcement date is Sunday, February 25th.
What is likely
The design will change little compared to the Galaxy S8
The photo part will however be reviewed quite deeply
The impression sensor will be kept on the back …
… but there will also be facial recognition in 3D (like FaceID)
The seal will always be part

Summary of rumors and information

The design is “confirmed”

EvLeaks, which we do not show anymore, publishes what seems to be renderings “press” Galaxy S9 and S9 +. You can see a similar design to the S8 with some adjustment on the back side, like a footprint sensor moved on the camera (as on the A8). The S9 would only have one while the “+” would have a duet, arranged vertically.

Galaxy $ 9²

After EtNews, TechRadar in turn assures that the phone will be sold a hundred pounds more expensive than last year, or £ 789 about 885 euros. A video showing a purple shell is also appearing … suggesting that the phone could be declined in this color.

Galaxy $ 9

Decidedly, we hear everything and its opposite on the price of the product. Initially predicted as lower than before, now we expect a tariff between $ 890 and $ 930.

Double vertical sensor

A propser publishes a photo of what is supposed to be the Galaxy S9 +. It “confirms” the presence of a double sensor arranged vertically.

Presentation on February 25th. It’s official

Samsung has sent cards of invitations on which we can see “9” that does not leave much room for doubt. It will be February 25, and he will “reinvent” the photo part.

Only at MWC

Samsung competitors have they abandoned the idea of ​​shading the Galaxy S9? LG as Huawei would not present flagship in Barcelona, ​​contrary to what they had done in 2017. Sony would however be in the game with a new range.

SlowMo @ 480 fps

Samsung officially introduces its new sensor called “ISOCELL Bright” and its Tetracell technology that “improves light sensitivity in low light conditions by fusing multiple pixels to form only one big pixel”. Technology already seen in others. The new sensor is also capable of capturing videos at 480 fps for even slower slow motion.

Cheaper than usual

The director of Samsung China pretty much held this language: “Many manufacturers are raising the price of their phones […], but the price of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the lowest in the world.” Yes, the Galaxy S9 should put an end to escalating prices. That being said, it does not mean that it will be cheap. Spoiler: it will not be.

Marketing on March 16th?

The famous Evan Blass, aka EvLeaks, the smartphone will be announced on February 26th, the pre-orders opened on March 1st, and the commercialization launched on March 16th. Three-step program with highly credible dates.

Identical battery

If we believe a document published by the Brazilian authorities, the Galaxy S9 will be entitled to a battery of 3000 mAh, like its predecessor. We can therefore expect a similar autonomy.

A box, with the features

A Reddit user posts a picture of a Galaxy S9 box on the platform. If it is authentic, it gives an idea of ​​the main features of the terminal including a screen of 5.8 inches and 4 GB of RAM and iris scanner. The crispest detail is at the level of the photo: there is mention of a dual sensor 12 mpx opening at f / 1.5 and f / 2.4. An opening never seen at the moment.


An official presentation at the Mobile World Congress

Rumors around this new model are numerous, from the presence of a headphone jack to evoke the famous foldable screen on which Samsung has been working for years. There is also some key information that we know is strong. First, the Galaxy S9 and its big brother XXL the S9 Plus will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 845 processor (Chinese and American versions) and the Exynos 9810 (Europe and rest of the world).

Then Samsung, through the voice of the boss of its mobile division DJ Koh, took the CES to indicate that the presentation of the new flagship will be at the Mobile World Congress next month. We remember that the Galaxy S8 was introduced in March 2017 and launched in April. This suggests that the marketing of the S9 should occur in March.

Opening at f / 1.4

This is the part that should be entitled to the biggest changes this year. According to MMDDJ, which has already had some proven information on Samsung, the Galaxy S9 would have a sensor opening at f / 1.5 and f / 1.4 on the S9 +. The latter would have more right to second sensor, as on the Galaxy Note 8 or iPhone X.

A concurrent version of Face ID

Even before the release of the iPhone X, Samsung had already corrected the shooting in terms of facial recognition after piracy of the Galaxy S8 iris scanner with a simple photo and contact lenses. According to the Korea Herald, the manufacturer has reviewed its copy and intends to introduce it into its entry-level models this year or in 2019. Note that the Snapdragon 845 is compatible with 3D face mapping technology similar to that of Apple’s Face ID. The latter projects 30,000 infrared points to detail the face while the Qualcomm chip generates 50,000, which gives it a theoretical advantage in terms of accuracy

The return of the fingerprint scanner

We sincerely hope that Samsung will have found a better solution for the location of the fingerprint reader. There have been rumors that it could be embedded in the screen, as we had already talked about the iPhone X. But in the end, the most likely is that Samsung plays the continuity for this transition model keeping the location at the back.

The Galaxy S9 will probably not be foldable

Last year, Samsung filed a patent for folding-screen phones while Bloomberg said in the summer that the manufacturer would launch two models of this type. But this year at CES, DJ Koh cut short these assumptions by saying that the smartphone with foldable screen would come out next year. According to him, the main difficulty lies in the user experience, to find the ideal symbiosis between software ergonomics, hardware and relevant use cases. In other words, the simple fact of adding a foldable screen is not enough to make a smartphone natively ideal

A design very close to that of the Galaxy S8

Judging by the growing number of protective cases for Galaxy S9 blooming on Amazon, we can deduce that its design has been set for quite some time. And it seems pretty clear that the S9 will be very close to its predecessor, including the same type of screen Infinity Display curved edges and the same diagonals: 5.8 inches for the S9 and 6.2 inches for the S9 Plus.

A double apn at the front and at the back

The first rumors about the Galaxy S9 spoke of an “iPhone X” configuration, with two front cameras. But the latest noises suggest that we will stay on a more classic design, with only one front camera and two rear cameras, at least on the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Very high quality video thanks to Snapdragon 845

The latest Qualcomm SoC should give the Galaxy S9 a major technical advantage when it comes to video and photography. In addition to the fact that this chip will offer smartphones the ability to shoot for the first time in Ultra HD, it will also help to make the pictures even brighter, reduce image noise and even insert video micros in fixed portraits. .

The latest Qualcomm SoC should give the Galaxy S9 a major technical advantage when it comes to video and photography. In addition to the fact that this chip will offer smartphones the ability to shoot for the first time in Ultra HD, it will also help to make the pictures even brighter, reduce image noise and even insert video micros in fixed portraits. .

Record autonomy

The Galaxy S8 and S8 + both offer 16 hours of battery life and Note 8 an hour more. Another benefit of Snapdragon 845 is that it will reduce energy consumption by about 30%. If this is true in fact, then the S9 may well tease the 20 hours of autonomy.

512 GB of storage

It may be on the side of storage that the Galaxy S9 will reserve the most surprises. Samsung could indeed offer up to 512 GB of internal storage, which would crush any competition. The SamMobile website recently picked up this information stating that there might be a Galaxy S9 Plus 512 GB with 6 GB of RAM, but that it would only be available in small quantities and only in certain countries. The article says the S9 would offer 64 to 128 GB of storage and the S9 Plus would add a third option of 256 GB which would put it at the level of the iPhone.

Always a headphone jack

While Apple has dropped the 3.5mm jack since the iPhone 7, imitated by Google’s Pixel 2, the Moto Z, the Essential Phone and others, the Galaxy S9 could play the card “vintage” retaining this connection. This could make it more attractive to users with a good wired headset that they do not want to separate.

What if it was not called “Galaxy S9”?

The iPhone X (pronounced “ten”), named in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Apple smartphone, has created a problem or perhaps an opportunity for Samsung. Indeed, following the numerical order with a Galaxy “S9”, the brand risks creating a feeling of inferiority among its customers facing a “ten” iPhone. According to Forbes, Samsung could choose the name of Galaxy X. But the manufacturer could just as easily jump a figure and switch to the Galaxy S11, or anything else …

A four-digit sales price?

With the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X, the symbolic bar of 1,000 euros has been crossed for a high-end smartphone. It is likely that this trend is confirmed, especially with the Galaxy S9, at least on the “Plus” version.