Following its launch in 2012, its update in 2014, this new version in 2016: the Roku Streaming Stick is smaller and more powerful than ever Having suffered a weight loss program, the Roku Streaming Stick is that big! a standard USB key (or so) and it is the only in its class to feature a quad-core processor (8x more powerful than the previous model); always at the same low price of $ 60.

The Roku Streaming Stick and its box
Launched today, this small HDMI key is the first of the Roku family to churn on the system Roku OS 7.1, which will be deployed on other devices in the month and later for Roku TV TVs. This new version of Roku OS enhances the experience of discovery and research, including the addition of new categories in the Roku Feed menu. An exclusive feature to the Roku Streaming Stick also makes its appearance on the application Roku Mobile (Android and iOS), the Private Listening function (Private Listening) lets you listen to the audio frame via the headphones of his phone or tablet taken . We’ve been able to do on the remote control (only those equipped with the audio port), but to have it on their mobile device that’s great! Like what our mobile devices are increasingly replacing more remotes! We hope this feature will visit the other family Roku devices and possibly we can even do it in groups, to avoid disturbing the whole household. Stay tuned for Private Listening!
Another nice feature that also share other Roku devices, the Hotel & Dorm Connect mode. When you are at the hotel (or in a student residence) and you must authenticate to the Wi-Fi network through a browser to access the Internet, Roku devices know and ask you to authenticate your smart phone. Then you can use the Roku as you like.

If ever you come has to have wireless reception problems, know that you can apply to receive a Roku HDMI extension that serves as an antenna by calling customer service or by completing a form on the web .
The Roku Streaming Stick will be available during the month of April at Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, and several other retailers for as little as $ 60. More details on the website of Roku .
Roku is not just a small box of streaming!

Roku TV
If you are in the market for a new TV, be aware that all new Roku TV Insignia are available at Best Buy for as little as $ 600 (43-inch) and $ 800 (50 inches). Roku TV Smart TVs are also rapidly growing; they spent 0-8% of the US market share. Visit our Roku Announces Insignia TV models for details on these TVs.
Roku OS is also in some boxes of cable operators, including Sky NOWTV England and Telsra TV in Australia. In terms of 4K TV on Roku, Canada, 4 4K UHD channels are available, while the US offer 10. One day we may see land the Roku 4 in Canada, the only Roku system which allows streaming 4K (apart Roku TV).