Severin is a household appliance player that is particularly known for its entry-level placement. The latest series of vacuum cleaners of the manufacturer is named S’Power and seems to put the package on the multicyclonic filtration of its new version.


The S’Power Ice Deluxe MY 7102 is the smallest bagless vacuum cleaner in the Severin catalog and is especially designed for small areas. Launched at 119.99 €, this model comes with two suckers (a long and a flat), a parquet brush as well as a classic double position brush (parquet and carpet).


Severin S’Power Ice Deluxe MY 7102 is one of the most compact vacuum cleaners in our comparison. If it lifts and moves quite easily, its weight of 6 kg is quite surprising. Given the size of the device, it was not really expected to be as heavy – proportionately. To date, the heaviest vacuum cleaner in our comparison is none other than the Bosch Relaxx’x ProSilence 66 BGS5R66M (11 kg). Note however that it is much more massive and imposing than this S’Power Ice Deluxe.

Contrary to what one might think, the small size of the S’Power Ice Deluxe MY 7102 does not give it a good maneuverability. Indeed, after having endured slalom and detours in our laboratory, we found that we had to pull hard on this device to follow us. However, it is provided with two large rubber rear wheels and a small wheel rotating 360 ° at the front, which is supposed to promote movement. Unfortunately, it is not so. During his trip, the vacuum cleaner spilled lamentably more than once.

The quality of the materials leaves us a little skeptical. Like the Dirt Devil Rebel 26, the plastic used seems a little fragile to resist the possible jolts and hundreds of shocks against baseboards or furniture. To see this device regularly topple during its travels, we have serious doubts about its longevity.

For all that, the various elements fit together rather well thanks to safety clips; no game is felt between the various accessories. As a reminder, this vacuum comes with a classic double-position brush, a parquet brush, a crevice tool and a long nozzle. We also like the notched plastic handle that offers a pretty comfortable and comfortable grip. On it is also a variable air flow that should be modulated with the thumb to adjust the suction power.

The power cable allows a range of 8 m, which somewhat restricts the suction area. Remember, however, that this device is intended to clean small interiors, so this length may be sufficient if the space to be covered is not too extensive.

Because of its positioning, this vacuum offers very few options. Thus, on the body of the device, only two buttons officiate. One to fold the power cable, the other to turn on or off the S’Power Ice Deluxe.

Note that this vacuum offers only a storage position with the latch located on the right side. It is therefore not possible to store the S’Power Ice Deluxe vertically as proposed for example the Electrolux Pure D9 PD91-Green. However, it can do without this position because its small size does not need to be placed horizontally to save space.


The maintenance of the S’Power Ice Deluxe can be restrictive, and for good reason, the collector is content with a capacity of only 1 liter – general format of the device requires! The Bosch Relaxx’x Ultimate ProSilence 64 has a capacity of 3 liters. It is highly likely that the user will have to deal with a regular drain of the collector. Fortunately, the hopper can be easily removed: the trigger on the top of the collector has to be pulled and the collector pulled towards you.

It’s a whole other set of handles when it comes to emptying waste: just pull the release button at the bottom of the tray. A practical system but not really hygienic since dust tends to spread as soon as the lid is opened. Like Rowenta RO6963EA, we recommend placing the hopper at the bottom of the bin. Be aware that you will still be able to rinse the collector with water.

To access the filters, unclip the manifold cover. The HEPA filter and the foam filter are on the lid of the latter. We appreciate the fact that a second foam filter is delivered with the device, even if the presence of a second HEPA filter would have been more advantageous for the user. The manufacturer also recommends washing the HEPA filter and the foam filter with water and allow to dry 24 hours after washing.

During our filtration test, the measured results are convincing: of the 20 g of cocoa sucked, the S’Power HEPA filter did not retain any material. As for the foam filter, it also shows a perfect seal of the filter block since no trace of cocoa was found on this filter. This is a very good thing and Severin proves all the effectiveness of its multicyclonic filtration.


Aspiration side, the result is rather satisfactory. Indeed, on hard ground with the classic brush positioned in parquet mode, we collected 89% of the waste in 30 seconds. This is much better with the parquet brush: 93% of the materials in 30 s.

On fine carpeting, 96% of the waste was harvested in 30 s using the dual position carpet brush. This performance is quite honorable for a vacuum of this size. The Rowenta RO8341EA still holds a certain head start by recovering all the waste on this surface.

Finally, on long-pile carpet, a perilous coating, 70% of waste was collected in 30 s, 83% in one minute and 90% in two minutes. A mixed result since it took us just over three minutes to get all the materials. On this test surface, the Miele CX1 had collected 100% of the waste after one minute.

Note that we did not need to open the air flow controller on the handle during our suction tests because the brush did not stick to the floor.


We measured a sound level of 73 dB (A) on hard ground and 78 dB (A) on carpet and carpet. This device, however, remains rather noisy compared to other devices without a bag of our comparative. The Rowenta Silence Force Cyclonic 4A RO7681EA is to this day the quietest unit: 66 dB (A) on hard floor and 59 dB (A) on carpet and carpet.


The S’Power Ice Deluxe is a device, discreet and compact, designed for small spaces. If we praise its suction performance on hard floor and carpet, we regret a little the weight of this small vacuum cleaner that compromises its maneuverability. In addition, the quality of materials leaves much to be desired. The manufacturer, however, keeps its promises as to the efficiency of multicyclonic filtration that effectively preserves the different filters.