The season is the renewal of best-sellers at JBL. After the ultraportable speaker Go 2, the American manufacturer is now turning to the party by giving a new youth to the Xtreme, its powerful and sturdy speaker become a must for outdoor parties.

If the Xtreme was in 2015 the largest portable speaker in the catalog of JBL, the Xtreme 2 does not recover this title in 2018, caught in the meantime by the gargantuan Boombox. Nevertheless, here is always a bestiau which does not fly the name of enclosure “transportable”. With a width of almost 30 cm and a weight of 2.4 kg, the Xtreme 2 is not even easy to store in a backpack. That’s why the builder’s idea of providing a strap with its speaker makes sense. Especially since this strap carries the most brilliant feature of the product: it contains a bottle opener!

In this alone, the Xtreme 2 already knocked out all the competition in terms of services rendered to the festurers. But fortunately, she also has other arguments, starting of course with a very robust construction – and ultimately very similar to that of her predecessor. She is always dressed with fabric and matte plastic, materials that are common with JBL and gives a very good impression of solidity. The two passive bass radiators on the flanks of the enclosure could be considered as points of weakness, but they seem sufficiently reinforced so that one does not have too much to fear for their integrity. The enclosure is IPX7 certified, that is to say, immune against the aggressions of water, and even against immersion. We can take it to the edge of the pool without any ulterior motive.

Bis repetita for the general user interface: the Xtreme 2 offers a function that simply takes the letter to which JBL has accustomed us for many years now. We do it in the simple and efficient: little fuss, intuitive and almost complete controls – only the return to the previous track is guilty of absenteeism. The only originality concerns as always JBL Connect Plus compatibility, through which it is possible to group several wireless speakers of the brand, to make them broadcast the same music synchronized.

These groupings can be managed on the fly via the dedicated button, or more ergonomically via the JBL Connect mobile application (on iOS and Android). This same application also proposes to change the allocation of the play / pause button to assign the call to the voice assistant of a phone.

Compatible Bluetooth 4.2, the speaker does not offer a multipoint connection to multiple sources simultaneously. On the other hand, it has a handsfree function, whose microphone offers a correct voice capture: it does not reproduce speech in the most natural way, but has a rather effective noise reduction. An auxiliary input on 3.5 mm mini-jack stereo completes the table.

As we will discuss a few lines below, the Xtreme 2 is very powerful, and logically, its autonomy depends very much on the sound level at which it is set. For a 100% volume, we found a battery life of only 5 hours, instead of the 15 displayed on the data sheet. At 50%, on the other hand, the endurance of the machine goes up to more than 20 hours. As long as you do not fall asleep on the volume knob, the party should not run out of time because of a breakdown.

Failing to offer a drastically improved compared to the Xtreme first name, the Xtreme 2 quietly takes over from the latter to establish itself as one of the best portable outdoor speakers on the market. Better balanced than the oversized JBL Boombox, it combines a big sound quality with a robust construction, for a detonating result. And then, there is a bottle opener on the strap …