The autonomy of Ultrapower EUP86TBM seems to have been the subject of special care. Indeed, the manufacturer announced 95 minutes of suction thanks to a Li-ion battery stamped TurboPower with a power of 32.4 V.

The Ultrapower EUP86TBM is part of the Electrolux range of vacuum cleaners and benefits from a wide range of in-house technologies, including the clever Brush Roll Clean brush cleaning system. The manufacturer also focuses on handling: the head, equipped with large wheels and diodes, can rotate easily 180 ° (EasySteer system) and is equipped with a ramp LED Dust Spotter. Will the Ultrapower EUP86TBM be as effective at vacuuming rubbish as it is easy to handle, as promised by the Swedish manufacturer’s anti-marketing campaign? Answer in the following lines.


Ultrapower EUP86TBM is a classic vacuum cleaner that forgets the stick format of the Dyson Cyclone V10, for example. This configuration inevitably limits its versatility, since it is not possible to reach the areas located in height. More annoying, no detachable suction pad does not expand the scope of this model, which is therefore intended only for the suction of soil. And it is not the total absence of an accessory that improves things.

The positive point of this type of device is the parking position which facilitates storage. In fact, you just have to push the handle all the way forward so that it hangs over the brush: the broom vacuum then stands up all by itself without the need to fix a pedestal to the wall . The Ultrapower EUP86TBM can therefore be stored without the need for support, unlike the Philips SpeedPro Max for example.

However, it is impossible to connect the transformer directly to the body of the vacuum cleaner: it is mandatory to place the device on the base (equipped with connector) to allow charging. It does not seem like anything, but it would have been much easier to leave the choice to the user, as is the case for the Dirt Devil Renegade36. In this case, it is mandatory to use the large base to enjoy the Ultrapower. It may gain stability, but not flexibility.

The vacuum controls are located on the handle and consist of two buttons: the first is used to turn on the power and the second module suction power in three levels. They fall well on the thumb and we adjust the suction without difficulty. Be careful, no diode or screen informs the user about the selected power.

Surprisingly, Electrolux has replaced the famous hook whose interest we missed during the test of the UltraPower Green ZB5024G. If it is always so useless, it is not a problem.

The very high flexibility of the suction head, as well as the large wheels with which it is equipped, contribute to the excellent maneuverability of the Ultrapower EUP86TBM. In addition, the diodes help to identify at a glance debris still on the ground.

With all these tips (and a weight of only 2.8 kg that does not weigh on the arm), this vacuum cleaner Electrolux is much more pleasant to pass than many of its competitors.


According to the manufacturer, maintenance Ultrapower EUP86TBM should not be a problem. Fortunately, because it must be very regular.

Good point, it is very easy to access the trash because during the household, just lean forward. The reservoir release button and the notch then come naturally under the hand. We are far from the Rowenta Air Force 460 who asked to return the engine block to access the collector.

The filter block (which is disassembled to facilitate the maintenance of the two filters that compose it) serves as a cover to the trash tray and is removed by pressing the two triggers while pulling on the assembly. It is more difficult to put together and replace everything correctly, but the hand comes with practice.

Cyclonic filtration of the UltraPower is not enough to prevent the filter from saturating quickly. Therefore, it must be cleaned far too often to our taste to maintain optimal suction power. We also regret that the ingenious zipper system to clean the filter of the UltraPower Green ZB5024G has not been retained.

There is no need to disassemble the Ultrapower EUP86TBM brush to remove hair and hair: the Brush Roll Clean system automates the process. While the vacuum cleaner is running, by pressing the dedicated key on the head, a blade cuts these long residues which are then evacuated to the collector.

Of course, Electrolux always gives you the option of releasing the brush to remove the annoying items by hand as needed, without the need for any tools.

If we do not have much to complain about the suction qualities of the Ultrapower EUP86TBM, we are much more cautious about its filtration performance.

Indeed, of the 20 g of cocoa that we made him swallow, we found more than 4 g on the filter when they should have been in the collector. It’s just huge. Such an amount presages a much too fast clogging of the filter.


The Ultrapower EUP86TBM has some difficulties on thick carpet, but is doing very well on other surfaces.

On our long-haired carpet, after 2 min of suction, it was able to recover only 76% of the rice that we spread in intensive mode, and the results are even worse at the lowest power.

On thin carpet, it is much more efficient, since even at low power, 99% of the waste is sucked in 1 min. The Ultrapower EUP86TBM even achieves a perfect score on this surface in just 30 seconds when running at full speed.

Finally, on hard ground, again the results are excellent. At low power, it takes another minute to aspirate 100% of the rice and only 30 seconds at full power.


Vacuums are noisy devices, but Ultrapower EUP86TBM is relatively quiet. We measured only 62 dB (A) at the lowest power level, which is very bearable. For comparison, the noise caused by normal conversation is estimated at 60 dB (A). Of course, when you push a little vacuum, the noise level increases to 68 dB (A) at the average power level. It climbs up to 73 dB (A) at the maximum capacity of the Ultrapower EUP86TBM.


Electrolux keeps its promises regarding the autonomy of its Ultrapower EUP86TBM.

At the lowest power level, this household marathon runner can hold 1 hour and 50 min. Of course, if the power increases, the autonomy decreases but remains very acceptable. Thus, the Ultrapower EUP86TBM operates for 41 min at medium power and 24 min at full speed. It is therefore perfectly able to ensure a long cleaning session.

Attention, he still needs 4 hours 20 to fully recharge his batteries, which is rather long. By comparison, the Rowenta Air Force 460 only needs 2 hours and 30 minutes for this operation. This is all the more damaging as Electrolux has abandoned the removable battery of the UltraPower Green ZB5024G, which could have connected to an external charger.


The Electrolux Ultrapower EUP86TBM did not seduce us because of insufficient efficiency on thick carpet and its lack of versatility. But it is especially its catastrophic filtration that strike heavily. Too bad, because this model with gargantuan autonomy, easy to maintain – even if it is necessary to clean the filter more than reason – is very effective on hard floor and fine carpet.