Kindle Oasis may be the best book reading light

Although I have not yet managed to get the real book to digital readers, not as far as I myself am not interested because it takes after all also move with the times. I was able to see this on the e-readers is that their autonomy battery level far exceeds every electronic device I own, that they do not damage the eyes (that either day or night) and have a practical side absolutely undeniable. There are all kinds in the market and one of the most famous models is the Kindle. I feel I have always heard about the Kindle, even when I was not interested so ready for this technology. Amazon recently released its new electronic reading light model, the Kindle Oasis that is on the high end and is apparently far superior to its predecessors.

It is now the Kindle Oasis back into play and help us in our quest for how to choose a reading light: this new ebook reading light is super thin, incredibly light and has all the features that a bookworm could want. Kindle Amazon Oasis is only 3.4 mm thick, is 30% thinner than its predecessors 20% lighter on average (131 grams without the leather case) and owns and highly durable glass screen surrounded by a frame covered with a metal layer in order to be sure that it will survive all the attacks and accidents of everyday life. This electronic reading lamp has a front light (so that it is not only more thin and light, but that does not dazzle you) and a resolution of 300 dpi (which for once does not really much inferior to most other Kindle already displayed this resolution). Its screen is 6 “, which is an adequate and comfortable size for reading. The big plus of this new e-reader is a leather case: not only is really class, but it does more office external battery, which gives the Kindle Oasis months of battery life.

What else on the electronic Kindle reading light Oasis?

The Kindle Oasis grip has been completely redesigned for our comfort: its design that the center of gravity is now placed in the palm of the hand, which gives the same impression as when holding a real book paper and simplifies the same time playing with one hand. It is also possible to turn the pages in several different ways: by using the touch screen or using the physical buttons dedicated for this purpose and on the side of the reading light. Kindle Oasis has a rotation detector, which means that no matter whether you are right or left handed, the orientation of your book will automatically adapt The leather case is available in 3 colors. Burgundy, black and walnut and electronic eReader Amazon Kindle Oasis is available in two versions: a conventional Wi-Fi, and a (slightly more expensive) having more free 3G (yes you read right, FREE as it is taken load by Amazon to life for you to download books even without Wi-Fi).