The news straight from many camera reviews says that the Nikon D3S is not your ordinary digital camera because it is the descendant of Nikon D3S. If you think that nothing beats the former D3 model, then you are wrong because this camera is loved by many digital camera reviews in the internet.

The main feature that camera reviews mentioned is the rich colors and sharpness of the photos. According to digital camera ratings, it has 12.87 mega pixels, meaning it has a great resolution. In addition, the photos still shows little texture details even if these are 100% cropped. Using this camera can instantly make your photos stunning.

According to other camera reviews, the Nikon D3S has better light sensitivity that the former model. Camera reviews confirmed that it has a maximum ISO setting of 102,400, which means it can capture little background details even in the dark. As suggested to many digital camera reviews, this feature makes this camera perfect for abstract photo shooting.

Digital camera ratings from customers also suggest the Q mode of the camera. The Q or Quite mode silences the shutter release so there will be no loud noise when you use this mode on the camera, thus the reason of the camera’s high digital camera ratings. This great feature, according to camera reviews, is perfect for photographers shooting in a dark wood or cave because they won’t disturb the animals by making a loud distracting sound.

Some customer’s digital camera ratings also show that they love the video feature of the camera. You can shoot 720 x 540 pixels videos complete with high definition sounds captured through that camera’s built-in microphone with the perfect specifications for digital HD movies. According to digital camera ratings, you can edit the videos using only the camera and take selected snap shots directly from the video. If you want to take videos and snap shots of your favorite player in action at the same time, then this camera is for you.

Digital camera reviews also suggest the great buffer speed of this camera. According to digital camera ratings, it can shoot in a maximum of nine frames per second in FX format and a maximum of eleven frames per second in its DX format. Digital camera reviews have proven that it can easily take high definition photos of players in action without blurry spots.

Another feature that digital camera reviews noticed is the one button for live view with two different capture modes. One mode according to digital camera ratings is a far shoot mode wherein you can take photos from far areas via zoom in feature, and the other one is the tripod mode wherein you can capture photos clearly and with bright contrast including little details. Many customer camera reviews said that because of these modes, you can use it either outdoors or in a studio.

The Nikon D3S is a great tool for action lovers and night photographers, and many camera reviews say that too. If you are in doubt, then why not look for other digital camera reviews to see it for yourself.