The iPod touch will have a successor, it has not been updated for two years and who has found for 15 days the only survivor of this family of walkmans with which Apple has restored a health (read iPod: it’s finished!)?

A reader sent us an email describing the features of what would be the next iPod touch, with a commercialization just after mid-September. It should be noted that we have never been in contact with this person in the past and that it has not been possible to discuss further with him.

The details given are not, however, absurd, and even logical enough if one takes to imagining a sequel to this walkman:

  • Identical design
  • new name: “iPod” (without the “touch”)
  • 32 GB (250 €), 128 GB (350 €), 256 GB (450 €) in matt black, silver, gold, blue and pink. Today it’s 239 € for
  • 32 GB and 379 € for 128 GB
  • A10 Fusion (the current iPhone 7) but under-clocked (it’s an A8 currently in the touch, it runs at 1.1 GHz against 1.4 GHz for the A8 of the iPhone 6)
  • 1h to 2h more autonomy (40 h in audio and 8 h in video at the moment)
  • Touch ID and Apple Pay (built-in NFC chip) but no 3D Touch
  • Rear camera identical but with an aperture of f / 1.8 (2.4 currently) and front camera of 5 mpx (always f / 2.2).
  • Matricule A1944 (A1574 for 6G)

To further support this thesis of a new model, one wonders why Apple took the trouble to keep the iPod touch to the catalog – even if it is relegated to the Apple Music tab on its site – instead of shooting a definitive feature on all of his players once and for all.

One actor in the distribution told us that Apple had given no indication for the future, that it was more difficult to obtain units and that the stocks had melted at the wholesalers.

Questions about the future of some of our contacts in the Apple Store. One questioned the interest for Apple to relaunch the machine to produce these portable players while sales are low. Another explains that a new generation of iPod touch has been rumored internally for a year, but it does not lead to anything. Let’s hope that Apple still has some projects on fire that evolve according to the commercial context and the relevance to give them the go-ahead.

Beyond these confidences to take with the usual reservations, the big question is whether there is, in 2017, an interest in pursuing the adventure of iPod touch. In an article from the end of 2016, we were very skeptical about the chances of survival of the iPod in the short term (on this point, the reality has joined the speculation) and on those of the cousin of the iPhone. The arguments developed at the time to predict an uncertain future remain valid. Nevertheless, a year later, the touch continues its good way.

Not all iPod touch users visit our sites, but their presence is another indication of popularity. On June 5th, keynote day, therefore of high affluence, you were only 101 people to follow us from the walkman. This figure was halved over the full month. It does not weigh heavily, if anything.

However, there is a life apart from the Apple news sites and our sales representative found that sales were able to keep their heads above water, while this product is virtually on standby in the range and ‘it is stuck between the iPhone and the iPad. It always sells to individuals and companies. In the Apple Store, the walkman is sometimes interested in parents who do not yet want to equip their offspring with a phone.

The Apple Store’s internal sales documents that we have seen focus on two features of iPod touch for teens: its camera and compatibility with Apple Music, two gaps that hampered iPods .

One might argue that as a gateway to Apple Music, a user with a limited budget could turn to any Android smartphone, but it will deprive itself of Apple’s ecosystem. Then, a cellular connection will always be more fun with Snapchat, Instagram and other companions rather than depending on Wi-Fi access.

Still there is certainly a whole range of uses that do not fit into these obvious categories and which can explain that this walkman continues his way, like the Mac mini, and may be subject to a discount at next level.