Microsoft released Surface Tablet PC today in Los Angeles, USA, exploring again this emerging market ruled by Apple iPad.


This tablet PC employs the magnesium alloy body, with a 10.6-inch display and a USB 2.0 or 3.0 interface, using the Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft’s official website called it “Full HD display”, of which the screen ratio is 16:9.


This product is divided into two versions: one employs Nvidia OEM ARM processor, Windows 8 is specifically designed for ARM versions of Windows RT; another employs Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processors, Windows 8 Professional Edition.


The Surface tablet PC equipped with ARM chip has a thickness of only 9.3 mm and weighs 675 grams, with a USB 2.0 interface, being divided into 32GB and 64GB two versions; the version equipped with i5 chip will be equipped with a USB 3.0 interface, the thickness is 13.5 mm, the weight is 903 g, and the storage space is 64GB or 128GB.


In addition, Microsoft also offers Touch Cover external keyboard with a variety of colors, employing touching and virtual keys; it also provides another external keyboard Type Cover, employing physical buttons, only the black one model.


Microsoft released several parts of the Surface, including a 3-mm thick smart shell. This shell can provide the keyboard functionality.

In addition, with a magnetic stripe, it is also thought being similar to the iPad SmartCover.


As for the price, Microsoft said it would announce the retail price before the sale. It is expected to be close to ARM tablet PC or ultrabook with similar specifications.


Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer demonstrated the Surface prototype of the Tablet PC in the conference of Los Angeles. It will be shipped this fall after Windows 8 is officially released.


Launching autonomous Tablet PC will allow Microsoft and hardware partners such as the Samsung Electronics and Hewlett-Packard to have a direct competition. The data shows that in the next two years, the Tablet PC sales will reach three times as much as the current. The sales volume will be 180 million units in 2013, the growth rate far exceeding the traditional PC. In two years after the launching of IPad, Apple has sold 67 million iPads.


Apple promoted the change of the mobile market with seamless mobile phone and tablet computer products. Google will also use a similar strategy after the acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

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