The 1TB M3 adopts the same design as its 2TB big brother; a very sober design, which allows itself only one fantasy: the molded relief of the plastic hood which gives it a distinctive “3D grid” side. Aside from that, the M3 is extremely wise in appearance.

It is a plastic case 11.7 cm long and 8.1 cm wide, 1.2 cm thick, with a USB cable 3 46 cm. Only downside of this simple design: in the absence of skates, the hard drive tends to slide on a desk when not plugged. Note also that it is not supplied with a transport pouch, which is not surprising considering its tariff position. Good point to note, the vibrations, when the hard disk is solicited, are very discrete.

The housing, welded, can not open; it is therefore not possible to access the disk, a Seagate ST1000LM035-1RK172 at 5400 rpm, with 128 MB of cache.

The flow rates are very good. At this price, the M3 1TB is positioned as one of the best HDDs on the market; it is overtaken by more expensive and newer models, such as the Toshiba Canvio Advance 2 TB. In our usual procedure under CrystalDiskMark, we recorded 134 MB / s in sequential reading and 132 MB / s in sequential writing. Excellent scores for a hard drive.

As a copy of files, its results are also very close to those of the 2 TB version. The M3 1 TB reaches indeed 132 MB / s in reading and 133 MB / s in writing of a single large file of 30 GB. As a copy of a multitude of medium files totaling 6 GB, it peaks at 144 MB / s read and 135 MB / s write.

The hard drive hosts embedded software: Drive Manager. Rough enough to use, especially because of its interface showing fifteen years late, it can still be useful by proposing to put a password on some folders stored on the disk or automate backups on Windows. Convenient.