3D Cinema Sound BH9520TW, tried to preview the new flagship LG home theater, full of unusual features for connectivity and audio.

LG Electronics has just introduced the 2012 line of Full HD 3D televisions and audio-video systems. The Korean manufacturer has worked mostly on technological features, aesthetics and the so-called Smart functions, thus offering entertainment experience even more immersive.

The common thread that unites the new audio video devices, and which is also found on the Home Theater System LG Cinema 3D Sound BH9520TW, is the LG Smart TV platform, which enables access to numerous content and applications with exclusive truly intuitive interface. By connecting the new system for home entertainment to a TV lacking this technology and enabling the Wi-Fi network to a broadband home, we can navigate easily, for example, between social networks or news sites, using the remote control .

Even on LG Cinema 3D Sound Home Theater BH9520TW we find the interface DLNA for sharing multimedia content stored on devices such as cameras, smartphones, tablets and notebooks. For playback of content from the iPhone / iPod / iPad, however, you must connect the device via the built-in dock in the central unit.

The power of the LG Cinema 3D Sound Home Theater BH9520TW however audio 9.1 from 1,100 W total, which enables a 3D multi-directional sound. LG has used a traditional approach, with five speakers plus a subwoofer, but with a single device: the speakers above the four column speakers, of which the latter two wireless control module separated from the main unit, spread the sound to the ‘tall with a spatial we found convincing.

In fact, the dual output sound – direct sound spread horizontally and the reflected emitted vertically from the top of the crates – allows you to reach a very engaging, with a welcome dip in the movie or video game on the TV.

Thanks to the calibration of the sound, 3D Sound Analyzer, together with 3D Sound Zooming technology, we can improve the yield in every home, in addition to controlling the depth of the audio, for a natural sound, clean and full, even in playing a musical concert.

Obviously, the system LG Cinema 3D Sound Home Theater BH9520TW also includes a Blu-ray compatible with the playback of 3D content and with popular video and audio formats (DivX HD, H.264, M4V, AVCHD, MP3, AAC, FLAC) from the external USB device, and with full connectivity (Bluetooth, a HDMI input and two outputs).

LG Cinema 3D Sound Home Theater BH9520TW retail price of 799 Euros (Approx).