The quality given by THX certification of this product in my opinion is indisputable from the point of view of construction and from that sound.
A flaw? …. If we can call it the price (around € 400) not some silly but you know that you pay.
The cosiglierei to those who want a high level of home theater and stereo effect’s disco; according to me it is like many surround systems dedicated for TV and DVD (among other things the cost of the latter at equal power is nettmente highest). I see also perfect as a match to a PC with a projector.
Fully worth the expense.

Contents of the package:

7 satellites rectangular (115mm X 165mm X 125mm) … all except the central feature brackets for vertical desk on which are mounted facilente (with a screw is tightened by hand supplied). Also they have the hooks for wall mounting. The finish is excellent: aesthetically beautiful, strong (nearly 1 kg of weight), and terminals for the cables really reliable. Raising the coverage of the speakers are discovered pleasing, which measure 80mm, with a membrane of polypropylene and a support structure in rubber semi-cylindrical, and the tweeters titanium cone of about 20mm. The power is 70 watts RMS at checkout. The center is identical except for the rubber on one side to be able to be placed horizontally.

1 Wooden subwoofer (315mm X 350mm X 355mm) is much heavier than what one expects. It has a 20cm cone facing down protected by a metal grille and lifted off the ground by strong feet. One side has a countersunk hole for bass reflex effect. On the rear side it is applied to the amplifier that has the fins of heat dissipation. There are 7 RCA outputs for satellites (Golden), 4 inputs stereo jack (7 + 1 channels), the output for the wired remote control, a iterruttore on / off general, a LED and an attachment point for the power cord . The power is 210 Watts RMS

1 wired remote control: rectangular, has an M-Port (USB port for an MP3 player), a line input and a headphone output with 3.5mm stereo connectors. The sound level is indicated by a display made up of seven LEDs.

1 infrared remote control, perhaps a bit ‘leggerino and just finished than the rest (cmq decent and sober).

3 3m cables for front speakers (RCA golden)

2 cables 5m side speakers (RCA golden)

2 cable 7m for rear speakers (RCA golden)

1 Audio Cable 7.1

1 User

Sheet 1 Warranty and Technical Support
Installation: a little ‘because laburiosa with seven satellites and easy to connect the cable to the wrong. The length of these adds to the confusion.
But let’s get to the test:

With the film:

after being connected to my Audigy 2 I immediately entered the original dvd of “save the soldado rayan”: the impact of the bullets are reproduced perfectly, the sound spectrum is very wide, and I have not encountered any distortion even with the volume, tops (not take too long because in a room like mine 5m X 4m is really unbearable). The subwoofer is so powerful that the bursting of grenades causes a realistic shock wave. Council let them sub-level default because

increasing it becomes excessive and is likely to saturate the sound with the bass.
Try it with “Matrix” and “The Shawshank Redemption”, the same excellent results (foavolose in scenes of dialogue)
With the Music:

with classical music playing excellent; for this type of reproduction is perhaps the sub so slightly a bit ‘too high (to want to nit-pick).
With the rest of the music the behavior is the same or perhaps better because the presensa of deep bass is in certain cases most pleasing. In particular I was struck by the high yield with “Deep Red” of the “goblin” really rich in terms of frequencies reproduced. Note, however, that putting the sub very high, with songs dance style “Gigi D’Agostino”, if the volume is too alsa the windows of the room begin to vibrate as well as small objects on the desk, creating a slight noise effect at the low blow (this makes you understand how deep sound manage to arrive). Another curious thing happened to me when I pushed to the limit; below the low of the dance song the sub began to vibrate so as to start moving (very little cmq).
With the games:

Try “Unreal tuornament 2004” and “Call of Duty 2”. The effect of immersive 7.1 is outstanding. To say that they behave very well at this juncture.