JVC Everio GZ R-415 is resistant to frost, dust, drops and water; These and other features make it a mix between traditional camera and ActionCam.

Everio GZ R-415 is a camera recently presented by JVC. The main feature of this model is the new Quad-Proof structure that provides protection to frost, dust, and water falls.

An interesting mix between a traditional camera and a ActionCam, which allows the use even in critical conditions. The product is available in different colors: black, white, orange and green camouflage.

The construction of the JVC Everio GZ-R 415 is solid and the weight is not excessive. The snare of the handle is adjustable and comfortable. The palm of the hand is going to be placed on a shaped area with a texture that prevents slipping from perspiration.

The handle has been designed to make easier the use of only two physical buttons. Namely, with the thumb to reach the button for recording, with the index and middle controlling zoom.

On the left side, the swivel screen offers different positions can also be completely reversed, which favors its use as a room for vlogging.

Plastic is definitely the most common material for the outer skin, but the quality is decent and the feel good to touch.

The heart of this device is a back-illuminated CMOS sensor 10MP. They may seem few, but for a camera are sufficient. What matters is the ability to record Full HD video in AVCHD format at 25 fps.

For recording is prepared to a SD card support up to a maximum of 256 GB. There is the image stabilizer and a technology to reduce the noise caused by the wind while recording the audio.

With LA JVC Everio GZ-415 R you have the ability to leverage an optical zoom up to 40x and a digital zoom up to 60x.

The Quad-Proof technology responds to very strict standards. This camcorder promises to withstand falls up to a meter and a half high, to remain operational up to a temperature of -10 degrees and to be waterproof up to 5 meters deep. The dust does not scare Everio R thanks to IP5X standards.

What surprises of this R GZ-415 is its versatility. The Quad-Proof Technology makes it usable in a number of situations in which a normal camcorder risk of spoiling. Under this aspect it is very similar to a ActionCam, while offering a whole series of characteristics that make it a more complete product.

First of zoom. If you remain in the optical range, the quality is very good, there is almost no loss. The zoom button is connected directly to the microphone and the sound is gradually increased according to the distance.

You can access all the settings via the touch screen. Sensitivity is not the best, though. The 3-inch panel is a resistive type, suitable to be used with gloves. Precision and smoothness were not the priority, then. It also indicates the ability to record video even in closed display, convenient in situations where discretion is necessary or you have limited space. Manual settings are minimal, but the software does a good job in the automatic choice.

Autofocus is fast and precise. It does not underestimate the function that allows you to hook a subject and to maintain accurate fire. The built-in function to create time lapse of almost works, allowing you to adjust the picture-taking in a range between 1 and 80 seconds.

The video quality is good under normal lighting conditions. When night falls, the Everio suffers a bit ‘: the noise increases and decreases the definition. Clearly we are not at the levels of professional machines.

The photos are acceptable, although it certainly is not the sector where more excel R Everio GZ-415.

The battery, however, has excellent durability: 5 hours provided by JVC have been extensively tested in tests. The inability to remove the battery, in this case, is not a defect, but a choice apt to improve the protection against the weather. However, there is the possibility of using a common power bank to recharge the camcorder in mobility.

other versions
Along with this particular model tested, JVC introduced a more expensive version with a Wi-Fi module and an LED spotlight designed to improve video quality in poor lighting conditions.

The Wi-Fi adds some interesting features: you can use your smartphone to the remote control, you can directly download video on mobile devices and you can make remote access to use the camera as a security device to be left switched on at home when you are away.

The JVC Everio GZ R-415 is sold at a price of 299.99 euro. The model equipped with Wi-Fi, however, costs EUR 399.99. Unfortunately, the version tested here is not this, then you can not add an evaluation of these functions.

JVC has developed a potentially interesting product in an area a bit ‘on the decline. The mix between the camcorder and ActionCam is well managed. For this reason, the JVC Everio GZ-R 415 is surely recommended for general use, in case you are looking for a versatile, able to face numerous situations without having to worry too much on the operating conditions.