Announced in great pomp by Apple, the new smartphone of the brand, the iPhone X, is the event of this re-entry. To know everything about this product, its price, the novelties it contains, its release date and pre-order, battery charging, tests and notices, its color ranges, NextPlz offers you a complete article on the new iPhone X. Follow the guide!

The news will certainly disappoint future buyers of the iPhone X: Apple will not significantly increase the battery capacity. The device will have 3 GB of RAM, as are the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus.

Much has been said about him in the months leading up to his official presentation. Designed to celebrate the 10 years of the brand, the new Apple iPhone was to be called the iPhone 8, while an iPhone 7s was to be born at the same time. But the American firm has preferred to anticipate this business of figures by directly coming out the iPhone 8 as successor of the 7, and call iPhone X the smartphone-anniversary. X as 10 years of history for the world’s best selling smartphone range. Apple wanted to score the blow with this newborn, and succeeded. Here’s all you need to know about this iPhone X that will necessarily be topical in the coming months.

iPhone X: Release Date
Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the release dates for the iPhone X. It will be available for pre-order on the Apple site from October 27 and then sold in stores from of 3 November 2017.

iPhone X: Price
That was the point that made the most talk at the time of his presentation. The iPhone X will be one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, with a fairly consistent sales price in France. Include 1 159 € for the 64 GB version and 1 359 € for the 256 GB version.

iPhone X: Color
The iPhone X will be available in two colors: silver and sidereal gray.

iPhone X: Features
Absence of main button
Stupor among the fans of the first hour: the famous main button, present on all the iPhone, disappears! To unlock it, users should either use facial recognition (see below) or slide their finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Facial Recognition
This is a great novelty in the functionality of the iPhone X: Apple has developed for its product a system of facial recognition, following the raising of the main button. After exposing his face to the recognition test, users will only have to offer it in front of the camera above the screen to unlock the smartphone.

Control center
No more traditional scanning from the bottom up to access the control center. Again, Apple is modifying (a little) our habits with a sweep from the upper right corner down to access it.

With the end of the unlock button, Siri had to find an alternative to be activated. It will now be with the Power button on the right side that Siri wakes up to answer all your questions.

Oled Screen
From the first glance, the difference is notable. Unlike its predecessors, the iPhone X has an Oled screen, without borders, which gives it futuristic looks and risks to tarnish the old models of the brand. Note that the iPhone X is equipped with a Super Retina HD display, the best performer so far, with a resolution of 458 dpi for connoisseurs.

iPhone X: Battery
Here is a change that should not please everyone: the iPhone X will have no charging plug on its bottom. To recharge it, Apple has planned an induction system where the iPhone is directly placed on batteries designed by partners of the brand. Batteries not included in the price of the smartphone.

iPhone X: Reviews and ratings
The editor of the Figaro had the opportunity to test this iPhone X. At first glance, the Oled screen leaves a very strong impression, the design wanted by the brand with the apple is compelling and regal the retina. In terms of navigation and grip, the absence of the main button has little impact on the user and “gestures come naturally”. The camera is still impressive and the videos concocted by the smartphone are very successful. To conclude, the newspaper speaks of a “beautiful evolution of the iPhone”.