iPad Pro is the 12.9-inch tablet by Apple in September 2015. Featuring a large display screen, and an aesthetic inherited from Air iPad 2, the device is characterized by high computing power, like that of some laptops on the market.
The thickness of 6.9 mm and an aluminum body color silver, gray and gold sidereal, iPad Pro sees the introduction of a processor A9X, then a multitouch renewed and an automatic controller to refresh the screen. Available in both WiFi and LTE, sees four speakers and the new connector Smart Connectors to connect the keyboard Smart Keyboard. Comes complete with pen Pencil Apple.

On September 9, 2015 Apple unveiled the latest arrival of the line of its tablet: iPad Pro, a model of generous dimensions and high computing power. With a diagonal of 12.9 inches, but a thickness identical to the iPad Air 2, the device aims to combine the strengths of the universe iOS with those of the typical performance of the laptop. What are the main features of the device?

iPad Pros: availability and prices
It is currently not known an exact date of marketing for iPad Pro: Apple announced that the distribution will start from November 2015, with no other information on preorders and national launches. But prices are available, at least for the US market, while the updated versions probably need to add the amount of VAT and other taxation:

iPad Pro 32 GB: $ 799;
iPad Pro 128 GB: $ 949;
Pro 128 GB iPad with LTE: $ 1,079.
Chances are, approaching the time of the launch, plans are also offered by subscription and loan with local telephone operators, diversifying the streets of the port to the device and possible preferential pathways for adoption also at work.

From the aesthetic point of view, iPad Pro inherits most of the design features from the iPad Air 2, adapting them to the larger sizes. With its screen by 12.9 inches, in fact, the tablet measuring 305.77 mm in length and 220.6 in width, to which is added a depth of 6.9 mm, equal to that of its iPad 2. The Air weight, however, is of 713 grams for the WiFi version and 723 for the one with LTE connection.

The shell is made of anodized aluminum, available in classic silver, gray and gold sidereal. The front glass is reinforced ion, to guarantee a great resistance, complete with fingerprint reader Touch ID. Unlike the other tablet targati bitten apple, however, iPad Pro sees the installation of four speakers, so as to ensure a stereo playback in any direction the device is oriented, and a special connector Smart Connect on the side, to ensure communication with accessories both official and third party.
Performance and hardware
The New iPad Pro is designed for maximum performance, so as to combine the convenience of iOS with the power of a typical laptop. A9X processor, via the high-resolution Retina display, the device seems to wring wink professionals and enterprise universe. Here, the most interesting hardware features.

Screen and multitouch
With its 12.9-inch iPad Pro provides a large surface on which to display their content as well as to facilitate the work in teams. The Retina display sees a resolution of 2,732 × 2,048 pixels, for a total of 5.6 million points: it is the panel with the highest concentration of pixels of the entire universe of the iDevice. 78% larger than the iPad Air 2, it provides a high compliance of the color, for the most accurate saturation of images. Not least, the screen can count on a refresh rate of images automated, or variable depending on the current task, to ensure maximum visual quality, with full energy savings.

The multitouch has also been revolutionized to ensure not only a greater sensitivity to the touch of fingers, but also greater precision even on small size: a fact that, combined with the official Apple stylus pen Pencil, will greatly increase the creative possibilities of designers and other professionals .

iPad A9X Pro includes the new processor, the most powerful of all those available today on iOS devices. It presented as an almost desktop-class chip, so that it seems can match and exceed some laptops on the market today, sees the use of 64-bit architecture. The Cupertino company provides computational performance 22 times faster than the iPad Air 2, while the graphics processing is even 360 times more energetic.

To ensure this incredible speed, Apple unveiled the technology Storage Controller: a system to reduce the time of writing and reading files, to ensure the opening of content very heavy in a few minutes. With this technology, iPad Pro is extremely fluid in all the heavy tasks, such as editing live footage in 4K resolution. All this is complemented by Metal, technology opened last year with iOS 8 to reduce bottlenecks between GPU and software, so graphics performance even higher.

iPad Pro was completed with the optics in line with the existing generation of the iPad, in particular tracing specifications Air iPad 2. The rear lens or the camera iSight, sees a resolution of 8 megapixels with aperture f / 2.4 , structure five lenses, autofocus and backlight side. That front, that is the goal FaceTime HD, provides a resolution of 1.2 megapixel camera with f / 2.2 and HDR automatic.

iPad Pro can record movies in 1080p, and in full HD resolution, as well as in slow motion up to 120 fps per second. The video image is finally stabilized in software.

Other hardware features
The budget for the new tablet of Cupertino is completed, finally, with a swarm of well-known features, since already present on other models of the line. Below, a brief review of the most relevant features:

Connectivity: All iPad Pro come with WiFi 802.11 ac, dual channel up to 5 GHz and MIMO. Bluetooth connections, however, are guaranteed by the standard 4.2. For versions LTE, finally, there is an extensive compatibility with leading world networks, like iPhone 6;
Sensors: All models of the new tablet sees the inclusion of digital compass, accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope, barometer and ambient light sensors. LTE versions also include geolocation service assisted GPS and GLONASS;
Release: iPad Pro sees the introduction of the first generation of Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor introduced by Apple with the iPhone 5S;
Autonomy: iPad Pro has a 38.5 watt-hour battery, which guarantees up to 10 hours of surfing consecutive WiFi or playback of photo, video and audio. The same offers 9 hours of navigation streak through the data network.
Matching accessories
iPad Pro comes in combination with some accessories, designed to increase performance, albeit sold separately. In particular, Apple has focused on the creation of a stylus pen, and a front cover with keyboard. Below, the main features.

Apple Pencil
The first accessory for the iPad is Apple Pro Pencil, pen stylus highly technological proposal to the public at $ 99. Minimalist design and elegant white body, the stylus in question is a small concentration of performance and technology, so as to offer features that are not common compared to other similar devices on the market.

Pencil Apple Apple developed to minimize the time lag between the stroke and the understanding of the same by iPad. The tablet is able to understand when the screen are in action the user’s finger or the pen: in this second case, the scans of the touch surface increases up to 240 times per second. The result is a sudden fluid and synchronized with the sliding of the pen itself.

To ensure maximum creativity designers, Apple Pencil also sees a peak pressure, such that you can adjust the size of the section depending on the strength with which you press the sheet of virtual work. But it is not all, because tilting the pen will be able to give shades drawn, just as if you were using a brush.

Apple sees Pencil integrated connector Lightning, covered by an elegant cap, which charge the device. Each charge provides 12 hours of the pen, while it takes only 15 seconds of connection to the grid for 15 minutes of use.

Smart Keyboard
The allocation of iPad Pro is also available with the Smart Keyboard, a cover with magnetic connection, complete with keyboard island. For sale for a price of 169 dollars, the keyboard is characterized first of all for a finishing against stains: while being spaced apart one another, the keys they see a thin veil of connection, which thus prevents dust and moisture to penetrate all ‘internal circuits.

The connection to the tablet takes place via the door Smart Connector, on the left side of iPad Pro. This port, three entrances, guarantees both the supply of energy to the keyboard, and that the exchange of data between the two components.

Smart Keyboard, which like the previous Smart Cover also serves as a stand for the iDevice, is finally composed of three layers of protection: one polyurethane, one internal conduction of the data and, finally, a finish microfiber.