Our dear friends of the visual arts are sometimes the real cheaters, and this can sometimes be quite annoying. A phenomenon that is often observed in the field of photography. It’s smartphones or digital photo camera models everyone is guilty, everyone cetet want to change the image, even to excess. But all this will be over soon, when everyone will be equipped with our instant camera LOMO, whose photos have higher resolution and more realistic.
there we find the charm of the old days, colors and multiple exposure. And the result: pictures credit card format.
And you can take pictures with your camera, you need a corresponding film
Details Instant Camera LOMO
• Instant Lomo Camera – Analog photography with endless possibilities
• Functions: automatic modes and manual shooting, integrated 27mm equivalent wide-angle lens, unlimited multiple exposures, long endless exhibitions
• 3 modes for different types of snapshot: auto flash, manual flash (inside) without manual flash mode (night)
• With filters of different colors
• Additional cards with photos and pipe on the various techniques of photography
• Contains a curved mirror for self-portraits
• With the automatic stop function – turns off automatically if you do not use it after 5 minutes
• Tripod mount and cable release
• ONLY for version “Havanna” + “Montenegro” are included: the Fisheye objectives, Portrait & Close-Up, a Splitzer
• Dimensions camera approximately 14 x 6 x 9.5 cm; Lens cap about 1 cm high, 0.5 cm diameter
• camera weight about 325 grams
• NOTES for goals (included ONLY for version “Havanna” + “Montenegro”) objectives can be simply screwed on the lens of the camera; clean the lenses only with a suitable product or a soft cloth; when you are not using it, the objective must be protected by its cap.
• Format: Fujifilm Instax Mini (not included)
• Exhibition area: 42mm x 64mm
• Shutter speed: 1 / 125s & bulb
• Exposure compensation: + 2 / -2 exposure values
• ejection mechanism: Motorized
• Multiple Exposure: Yes
• Guideline for Integrated flash: 9 (m)
• Flash Auto: Flas électronic, automatic (clarity and may be set off)
• Battery: 6V (4 AAA batteries not included)
• Tripod mount: Yes
• press Cable:
• Wide Lens: 48mm (27mm equivalent)
• Minimum focusing distance: 0.4m
• Hyperfocal distance: from 0.4 to 0.9 m (close-up) and 1m to infinity (normal mode)
• Filter Thread: 37mm
• Aperture: f / 8, f / 11, f / 16, f / 22, f / 32
Fisheye (included ONLY for version “Havanna” + “Montenegro”):
To get the best results, set the focus to 0.4 – 0.9m, turn the exposure compensation to “1” instead of “A” as the default.
• Angle: 170 °
• Minimum distance of focusing: 0.1m
• Exposure compensation: +1 EV
• Mechanism of focus: Focus Free
Portrait goal (included ONLY for version “Havanna” + “Montenegro”):
• Focal length: 35mm
• Angle: 64 °
• Minimum distance of focusing: 0.6m
• Exposure compensation: Not
• Hyperfocal distance: 0.6 – 1m (Close-Ups) and 1m – infinity (normal)
Objective Spotlight (included ONLY for version “Havanna” + “Montenegro”):
Keep a distance of 10-15 cm between your camera and your subject for best results.
• Distance Focus: 10-15cm
• Exposure compensation: Not
The package includes:
• Lomo’Instant camera with built-wide angle lens
• Lens cap
• 4 color filters
• Cards with photography techniques / pipe
• Manual
• ONLY for version “Havanna” + “Montenegro” are included: the Fisheye objectives, Portrait & Close-Up, a Splitzer