When yesterday was presented the entry-level iMac I immediately asked about his value, but I preferred not to impose my personal opinion. After one day and with new information available, including the processor benchmarks, I must say not particularly attracted to this machine. The Intel Core i5 dual-core 1.4 GHz is the same i5-4260U mounted in the base MacBook Air, as well as the GPU HD Graphics 5000. On the small ultrabook these specifications they’re fine, supported by good supply of the SSD, iMac but there is also the traditional HDD 2.5 “5400rpm (fusion drive and SSD can be added for 250 € more like down the line iMac). Overall, this new all-in-one Mac could meet adequately for household use, with priority of navigation and iLife, but its cost is too close to the upper model to consider it really interesting.

The performance is not so bad, say it again, but for a desktop are subdued, especially considering that with 200 € more you get a better graphics card (Iris Pro), an HDD capacity double (1TB instead of 500GB) and a processor the speed virtually doubled (Intel Core i5 2.7GHz with over 10,000 score GB3). Another consideration is that a good supply of 8GB of RAM is still welded on base plate, as shown by the removal of OWC (this time arrived before iFixit). You can not increase even during the purchase, which can be done on the intermediate model where you can also add aftermarket (although it is not easy to remove the glass to get there).

And then it must consider that all other models have not changed since 2013, so are the iMac exactly the same as those now on sale in reconditioned. At the time of writing the field it is empty, but just keep an eye on a few days to see some offers appear, perhaps with fusion drive or SSD installed, which should be considered mandatory on the iMac in my view. In short, Apple has taken time waiting for Broadwell chip and it did by launching a computer that can satisfy a small number of users with few needs and particularly budget conscious. But they spend more than € 1,000 for it, and even if there is a complete equipment and a machine aesthetically and constructively spectacular, it is becoming a product designed to offer performance relatively limited. Our advice is to avoid it and preferring least the intermediate model with 200 € more, or wait a few valid offer in reconditioned.