The HP EliteBook 840 G5 is a notebook designed for professionals, both in its use as in its integrated software. But this ultraportable is more than just a desktop PC for business: HP delivers here a solid and well finished computer.

The American manufacturer puts several advantages ahead to seduce the companies. Security, first of all. In addition to Windows Hello, which offers to unlock your PC by recognizing your face or fingerprint, HP integrates several solutions to encrypt personal and business data, as well as the HP Sure View filter activated by a simple button to remove the side visibility of the screen, when viewed at an angle of 35º or more.

In addition to these solutions, HP delivers the best of its know-how by offering a solid workstation, which keeps all its promises, without, however, adorning it with a seductive design.


For its design, HP has chosen to go to the simplest, even to deliver a computer extremely bland appearance. With an aluminum chassis, the EliteBook 840 G5 is more functional than beautiful, with its very present grids and basic keyboard at first sight.

Nevertheless, this uninviting aspect is for the benefit of engineering. Indeed, the PC, very well designed, did not rise any weakness during our tests in the lab. Emancipated from the stress of making a beautiful PC to appeal to a wider audience, HP has been able to focus on the essentials. Last important point to note on the general design of the machine, the screen (touch) opens on 160 °. A welcome flexibility in the pro world, even if the PC is not a convertible.

Connectivity, the EliteBook 840 G5 is complete with a Type-C USB port, 2 USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI port, an RJ45 port, a SIM card reader and a proprietary connector for docking station in addition to the headphone jack. No SD card reader, however.
Regarding the keyboard and touchpad, HP went to the simplest and most effective. If visually the keyboard (backlit) seems austere and unattractive, it is actually very nice under the fingers, offering a relatively long race and a welcome resistance when the support. The touchpad is classic and effective despite the implementation of two clicks in its upper part. But the real interest of this set lies in the trackpoint, which we are more used to seeing on ThinkPads. This rubber button can replace a mouse and is very practical in extreme mobility, when one must use the standing PC, for example; responsive, it remains discreet enough not to hinder users who are not followers.

In front of our thermal camera, the HP EliteBook 840 G5 reveals very impressive results. During our usual protocol (1 hour on the Unigine Heaven benchmark), the heating was extremely controlled, the PC never exceeding 35 ° C. A nice freshness especially due to the famous grids that show all their effectiveness in this area. The icing on the cake, the PC is rather quiet: we measured 39 dB (A), a noise almost inaudible and the average ultraportable.

The HP EliteBook 840 G5 is an extremely well-designed notebook. If the visual aspect is left out (this is a secondary consideration for a PC pro), it is for the benefit of almost perfect engineering work, as pleasant as appreciable.


The HP EliteBook 840 G5 is equipped with a 14-inch (35.6 cm diagonal) touch screen IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 px. Its screen / facade ratio is 75.20%, which is in the average of today’s ultraportables that do not rely on ultra-thin screen edges.

The results delivered after our tests in the lab are very satisfactory. The very impressive brightness thus goes up to 627 cd / m² – the highest score of our comparative -, which ensures a clear vision of the screen in any conditions. The contrast ratio is 1,130: 1, which reflects good visibility of details and shades of gray. The color temperature, at 5,990 K, is below the reference temperature at 6,500 K – a sign that the screen is very slightly red (almost imperceptibly), unlike other screens in the market that are shooting at blue – but it remains balanced and satisfying. Delta E, for its part, has an excellent average of 1.9. This result is confirmed in the distribution by colors, which attests a globally very balanced screen, with the exception of deep blues and indigo less faithful. The remanence is finally 16 ms, classic score for this type of PC.


The HP EliteBook 840 G5 has an Intel Core i7-8550U processor backed by 16 GB of RAM. With such a processor, a good result in our tests was no doubt and the PC did not disappoint.

The EliteBook 840 G5 reaches 148 on our index, which places it among the best ultraportables on the market. It stands right behind the best laptop in this field: the Microsoft Surface Book 2 15. An excellent performance that suits its professional use. Thus, as part of its activities, the user can work without the slightest difficulty with software very greedy computing.


Designed for professionals, the HP EliteBook 840 G5 does not disappoint, except in audio. With its efficient construction and a high quality screen, it also surprises with its power that will be useful when using software very greedy computing. Unfortunately, if the autonomy far from being at the party is not strictly speaking shameful, it is however the case of the audio part, unworthy of the machine.