Directly from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the most anticipated models

Having seen, tried and tested hundreds of smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2016, the telephony trade fair (and more) more important to the world, we have chosen for you the best. Do not miss the award-established big industry like Samsung, Huawei and LG, but we also find some surprises as the Chinese Xiaomi and startup Nextbit. Here are our pills:

LG – G5

South Korea’s home in Barcelona unveiled G5, one beautiful and powerful smartphone, but above all modular. Yes, just like a building made with Lego this device can be broken down by interchanging the bottom with other more and produced by LG. An example? By removing the “classical” form, or what simply integrates the battery, you can enter the “Cam Plus” module consists of a handle, an extra battery and a series of buttons dedicated to the photographic industry. If you love music, you can not do without the Hi-Fi Plus module developed closely with Bang & Olufsen ensures faithful reproduction thanks to the integrated DAC.

A must for those who want a “special” smartphone.

We like: the versatility
We do not like:
probably the module will cost too

Samsung – Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

Despite the various rumors leaked in the weeks before Samsung has managed to surprise everyone again. The team of engineers and developers have managed to create a high-performance device with a fine and elegant design. On the hardware side we have a number of improvements like screen “always-on” that allows you to get an overview on our notifications even without switching on the screen, in addition to a powerful 64-bit processor Exynos 8890 and a portfolio photo worthy of the best compact cameras . Back at last impermeability, and there is even support for microSD is most desired. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to switch to Samsung, well, this is the right one.

We like: design and materials
We do not like:
too retains the imprints



Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi is definitely one of the most popular of the moment, and it is undeniable that marks the cause of all this is the strong value for money. With the new me 5 the route has not changed, and once again we found ourselves in front of a must-have. The processor is a Snapdragon 820 with a variable clock depending on the version chosen, the Ram is from 3 to 4Gb while the camera is a Sony 16 megapixel. All these good things to just under € 400 even in the maximum configuration, although inevitably in the import processor price hikes will be undergoing. It still worth it, especially considering the build quality like the above-mentioned G5 and S7. Too bad for the lack of a European distributor, even if the conference in the Catalan land bodes well.

We like: Value
We do not like:
to be imported from China

Nextbit – Robin

Little known by the general public, but appreciated by industry experts, Robin is a “Cloud-oriented” smartphone that makes the service (but not only) his strong point. Having grossed more than $ 1.3 million on Kickstarter he has begun to talk of the whole world because of some peculiarities of its operating system, christened by the mother house “Cloud OS”. The concept is simple, in fact, the smartphone will study your use sending the Cloud App and all unused data, and maintaining on-site the most useful. By purchasing the phone you are entitled to 100Gb of free Cloud, but with small numbers you can have a lot more space on the Cloud. You will have a potentially infinite memory. If that’s not enough we have a custom version of Android, a camera 13mp and 3Gb of RAM. Simply brilliant.

We like: unique design We do not like: only two colors available

Sony – Xperia X Performance

Despite the design can be confused with the other Xperia smartphones this X Performance is a smartphone though. As the name implies the same for this phone Sony has spared no pick the best components. The by 23 megapixel camera it is (obviously) Sony, on the edge we find the fingerprint sensor and the battery is 2700 mAh. To move the whole we also have here a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 optimized for Android Marshmallow in our testing has ensured the smooth management of all daily operations. The design is the same as other Sony smartphone, although for such a powerful device we would also have expected a cosmetic makeover. Sin.

We like: very fast camera
We do not like:
too thick frames



Huawei – Mate 8

Although it was not presented in Barcelona Mate 8 it remains one of the most interesting smartphone, both for the figure to which it is proposed (€ 599) and for the truly stylish design. The display is a FullHD 6 “, the processor is an octa-core and 16-megapixel camera is as well. The materials are all fine, in fact the frame is all metal and thin it only adds to the beauty. Then there are goodies like the fingerprint sensor and 4G connectivity, in short, a very complete device competitively priced, especially when compared to top competitors range.

We like: completeness and materials
We do not like: there
is no 4K.