There are times when you want to stop everything to take its “coffee break.” These small breaks not only help us relax, but also to lay your head and pull himself together to better focus on the important things we have to do with energy than caffeine that our cup of coffee we brought. Whether one is a tea or coffee drinker, we always appreciate the best drinks in a quiet environment, where we did not have much to worry about if we choose type of coffee or tea . If you already have the best tea or coffee possible and you are in optimal tasting conditions, it’ll more than a parameter to be considered: the temperature.
A cup of coffee or tea is drunk better at ideal temperature
A cup of coffee or tea is best enjoyed when it is at its ideal temperature: there is not much more unpleasant than to plunge his lips in cold coffee when expected hot drink.
This intelligent cup coffee will display the temperature of tea or coffee you have paid so that you know when your hot drink will be at the ideal serving temperature (not too cold because it’s disgusting or too hot as this will burn the lips).
6 LEDs light up on the side of the cup with coffee smart to give you an indication of the temperature of your coffee cup. Small images representing a tea bag and coffee beans are placed in front of their own ideal temperature for tasting to give you the extra comfort of not having to even think about that.
What else on the intelligent cup coffee?
The interior of this smart mug is stainless steel and can hold 280 ml of coffee, tea, milk, of boiling water , or what you want … Its exterior is made of ABS plastic and silicone so you not are burning your fingers holding your cup of coffee.