This audio player underwater (waterproof up to 3 meters deep ‘), made of durable plastic, not afraid of chlorine and can’ be used without problems in the pool. With its ergonomic design, and waw-One fits many sports even those underwater thanks to his ear airtight (swimming, diving, running, biking, etc.). Compatible with MP3 and WMA audio formats, audio player and waw-One has a storage space of 4 GB, the equivalent of about 2,000 titles and provides up to 10 hours. Compatible with the file formats FAT16 and FAT32, and waw-One is transformed, if necessary, also in a convenient USB stick to store data.

Depth ‘: up to 3m
Water resistance: IPX8
Interface: USB 2.0
Battery: 190 mAh Lithium
Battery life: 10 hours (fully charged)
Memory: 4 GB
MP3: 8Kbps – 320Kbps
WMA: 32Kbps – 192Kbps
Headset power: 5mW – 5MW
Frequency response: 20Hz-20,000Hz
Weight: 22gr

The essential accessory for athletes who do not want to give up their music, even during exercise or activities’ outdoors.
and One-waw and ‘an MP3 player specifically designed for extreme

Particularly suitable use during sports: swimming in the pool or at the beach, surfing, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, motorcycling, skateboarding, running, fitness, etc. It has a large internal memory that can ‘hold up to 2,000 songs in MP3 format (2MB / track). Weather resistant, e-waw One can ‘fully satisfy those who practice sports, even in’ outdoor ‘where the use of a classic headset is likely to become a problem (rain, sweat, etc.).

Designed and built to withstand extreme weather conditions, moisture ‘, rain, sweat and MP3 player-waw One behaves very well also from a sonic: sounds good. In fact the technical characteristics are at the top, as demonstrated by the frequency response of 20Hz-20,000Hz, parameter normally refers to products in the world renowned Hi-Fi

e-waw One: keeps you company in the most ‘unexpected
Imagine being in the pool at the twenty-fourth tank without your favorite music, walking giving up just downloaded podcasts or your English class. We are used to make better use of the time we have available, and waw-One comes in handy here too, taking us in our spare time.

Sound and Music: playing, singing live
Let us carry our favorite tunes in all the parallel worlds that stress of everyday life usually precludes us. You have to try and waw-One, you’ll see it for yourself … you will not longer ‘do without