Dell Inspiron 14z

Dell means a ravine. If you enter this ravine, you will see the depth related to its computers and the ways they manage to meet the expectation whether they are the fans or loyal customers. Started in the year 1984 by a young engineer student of University of Texas, it grabbed attention of many techno geeks and technological world in very short time. The reason behind it was the endless efforts of its employees. It started its business and manufacturing of products from grass root level. It has over 103,300 employees all around the world. The reason behind stating its history is to make you aware of the achievement of Dell and the way they became the world’s largest technological company.

Dell has recently launched Inspiron 15R. It is very much similar to its predecessors. As the technology is advancing day by day, this gadget comes with the specs, which meet the requirements of almost every common user of notebook. Like most of today’s notebooks, it a second-generation machine. It has Shandy Bride Intel Corei3-2310M (2.3 GHz) processor and i5-450M (2.4 GHz), which is sufficient for a household user. It contains integrated Intel Graphics HD 3000, which is heavy for those who want to use it for the purpose of graphics designing and animation. A 320GB hard disk with 5400rpm is not much as compared to other Dell notebooks but still not very low. This machine has been manufactured to cater to the market of those people who are looking for a good notebook that somehow would contain all the latest feature of this generation notebook. Due to this reason, the price of the computer is kept below $ 600. It is dedicated with HD 5470 graphic chip, which is good for the gamers.

Coming on to the range of software provided along with this product are not much.

It mainly has a preinstalled operating system. One disadvantage when it comes to its options of software, they are limited. This is because software is quite expensive and their provision with the notebook will make it more expensive all together. As this product is targeted towards household users who have limited budget, it is a good option to them.

Coming on to the design of Inspiron 15R, it has screen size of 15.6 inches and weight about2.6kg. This makes it somewhat a little bit heavy. Again, as it has been marketed to the household users, its weight will not make much difference. Its casing has smooth and shiny surface, giving it a glossy look. Mouse pad and keyboard style is traditional whereas, the speakers are present on the top left corner of the keyboard. The bottom side of the laptop has a curved shape, which is recommended by most of the users. If we look at the product overall, Dell Inspiron 15R has worked its wonders not only with respect to its style but also with regards to the way it works.

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