Our dear friends of the visual arts are sometimes the real cheaters, and this can sometimes be quite annoying. A phenomenon that is often observed in the field of photography….

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The CPU temperature takes a slap with Klim Cool

Enemy longtime electronics in general, the heat has often done much damage (bugs, gels, power surges, crashes, explosions, etc.). Despite progress constantly observed in the field of computer hardware, manufacturers…

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The Ring intercom is a handheld wireless video doorman

The intercom or bell at the front door, it’s a bit the same story as the landline: it often sounds either as unwelcome time (eg in the bath), or when…

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These AA rechargeable batteries plug in USB to your computer

It really is not difficult to understand why the rechargeable batteries are becoming more popular. The batteries can not be recharged are buying so ephemeral that they really give the…

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For a cup of coffee always at the right temperature

There are times when you want to stop everything to take its “coffee break.” These small breaks not only help us relax, but also to lay your head and pull…

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