The ME-20F-SH presented by Canon is a camera for everyone: The sensor fitted to reach an ISO range of up to 4,000,000.

The latest camcorders and cameras offer the possibility to increase the ISO sensitivity to a maximum of 25600 or 51200, which is quite high thanks to which you can make shots and shooting in very low light. The end result, however, is in most cases spoiled by noise, forcing to a painstaking job of adjustment in post-production. The solution to the problem comes from devices such as Canon ME-20F-SH.

The Japanese manufacturer calls it a “multi-purpose room,” a device suitable for different areas of use. Its main strength is the ability to produce Full HD video at 60 fps with a minimum illumination of objects or subject movement equal to 0.0005 lux, or almost completely in the dark to the human eye. This is made possible by the use of a CMOS sensor full frame 35mm in which each pixel covering an area of 19 square micrometers, 5.5 times greater than what occurs in the high-end models already on the market. This results in a sensitivity equivalent to ISO 4,000,000. Unfortunately it lacks the support to 4K.

Just take a look at the design of the ME-20F-SH (102x116x113 mm, 1.1 kg) to understand that this is not a device for everyone: it is a product targeted at professionals, for the realization of documentaries, shooting Night or TV studios in low light conditions (eg night reality shows). The price is not the most accessible: $ 30,000, about 27,300 Euros at current exchange rates, with availability starting in December. On the rear panel are integrated slots and ports for connectivity: 3G / HD-SDI, HDMI, audio jack of 2.5 and 3.5 mm, RS-422 8-pin for connecting controllers and more. The camera has a EF, therefore compatible with Canon lenses already on the market.