Sensor: Full frame, 50.6Mp | Lenses: Canon EF | Monitor: 3.2-inch, 1,040K dots | Viewfinder: Optical | Continuous shooting: 5fps | Movies: 1080p | User level: Expert

Price US $3399.00
 but a body as portable as Canon’s previous EOS 5D models, the EOS 5DS pushes the performance-to-size ratio further than before.

Decidedly a specialist camera rather than one intended for all-purpose use, the EOS 5DS is designed for use in situations where detail is paramount, from fashion and commercial photography to landscapes and more.

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Yet, as we discovered in our five-star review, it’s not satisfied simply doing one thing well, but combines it’s high-resolution sensor with sound metering and auto white balance systems, together with excellent autofocus to largely negate manual intervention.

So long as you use high-quality glass and technique appropriate for the situation, the EOS 5DS will reward you with superb image quality.

Its slightly pricier sibling, the EOS 5DS R, goes one further by delivering the same blend of functionality as the EOS 5DS but with the addition of a low-pass filter cancelation effect for even better detail (although this factor does somewhat restrict the genres for which it would be a good match on account of aliasing effects).

– Superb detail
– Built to a very high standard

– One of the priciest DSLRs around
– High-quality glass needed to do the sensor justice