ASUS ROG GL552VW notebook is a 15.6 “for gamers, based on Intel i7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960m, 16GB of RAM and lots of storage space.

Designed for those who never want to part with his “gaming machine” or for those who want a powerful laptop and definitely not very discreet, ASUS ROG GL552VW is probably one of the handsets of the series ROG (Republic Of Gamers) most interesting of Asus home.

The GL552VW looks like a classic gaming computer and is available in two versions: with a totally black plastic body, or with the back of the gray metal screen and the rest of the black plastic shell. Both have a special reason, in the back of the screen, which makes it look like the GL552VW in a race car or a plane (the reason, according to Asus, is inspired by a fighter plane F-22).

The keyboard is a island and is backlit with numerous red LED lights in line with the body details and trackpad, also red. The same light also illuminates the Asus Republic of Gamers logo on the back.

Still on the keyboard, the effect is very pleasant to the eye and to the touch. The keys are in the membrane, but extremely reactive, with a run of just 1.8 mm, and are individually backlit; in particular, the WASD keys are highlighted by both bright edges either from a pad which allows to find them easily without taking his eyes from the screen.

The only downside of the design is the excessively angular shape of the body and angles outlined very clearly that although closed the screen give a very aggressive and pleasing appearance to be seen to ROG GL552VW, the long run can be annoying for the wrists when writing , given the un-ergonomic shape of the palm rest.
The display dell’ASUS ROG GL552VW is not excessive, but not content, 15.6-inch panel, which – with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 – it’s a perfect screen for any type of activities, from video games to movies, and not to force alone.

The monitor, in fact, seems to encourage the sharing, given the treatment that makes it almost completely non-reflective, and an angle of exceptional vision that allows to contemplate clearly, and without distortion, even shapes and colors with a 178 ° angle.

Obviously one of the strong points of GL552VW is the graphics card, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960m with 4 GB of RAM, as well as render without any difficulty everything from web pages to Windows on screen allows you to always carry an efficient machine playing.

The GTX 960m offers enough performance to allow you to play high quality, if not maximum, with all the latest video games, always keeping between 30 and 60 fps (and probably will play a good video quality even for the next 2 -3 years).

In terms of performance, ASUS ROG GL552VW is very efficient, as it is right to expect from a PC gaming. The laptop is in fact equipped with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with 6700HQ base frequency of 2.6 GHz (overclocked up to 3.5 GHz) and 6 MB of cache memory.

The cooling system is quite efficient, but in some moments in which the hardware is put under strain is unable to compensate, and remain in contact with the palm rest can be annoying. For this reason, combined with the inconvenience of the lines, it is unwise to use the keyboard for long gaming sessions.

At the same time it is not advisable to place it on your lap or soft surfaces in general, better to use it on a hard surface like a table.

The handset easily manages numerous tab of Google Chrome and several open windows, and behaves very well with complex operations such as uploads of video game areas, as evidenced by some tests on Dark Souls 3 showing that the area loading “Walls of Lothric Castle” (a very rich in detail scene) takes an average of 8 seconds.

Also on GL552VW they were run some benchmarks: one with GeekBench 3 processor and two with PassMark on processor and drive. The test with GeekBench 3 showed a score of 3388 in single-core and 12894 well in multi-core. The i7 6700HQ will then be at about 1,000 points below the i7 6700K in single-core and slightly above the Intel Xeon E51620 v2 in multi-core.

CPU was also performed a benchmark with Passmark and the result was 2623, which places the ROG GL552VW in the upper middle class.

Even the SSD performance is average, with 502 MB / s read and 126 MB / s write. Along with the power of the processor, contribute to performance even 16 GB DDR4 RAM clocked at 2133 MHz and the GPU, which instead works to 1096 MHz.

Still on the drive, this ROG is equipped with an HDD 1 TB or 2 TB and a 128 GB SSD or 256 GB, which allows not only to have a considerable storage space, but also an agile operating system, especially Windows 10 Home Edition preinstalled.

From the side of connectivity, ASUS ROG GL552VW is very well equipped, with 4 USB ports, one USB 2.0 (with transfer rates of 400 Mbit / s), 2 USB 3.0 (with 4.8 Gbit / s transfer rate) and even 1 USB 3.1 TYPE C (with transfer speed of 10 Gbit / s). It also comes with an HDMI port, a LAN and a slot for SD (SD / SDHC / SDXC / MMC).

On board two jacks for microphone and headphone ports are also available, while, above the keyboard, there are two very powerful speakers and a good spread, but with a sound not quite crystal clear.

Finally on the wireless front is equipped with a Wi-Fi module is compatible with 802.11 b / g / n or 802.11 ac (WiDi) and Bluetooth 4.0.

ASUS ROG GL552VW is not thought to long usage sessions disconnected from the power line and, therefore, is equipped with a modest 3200 mAh battery alone.

Despite this, the system manages quite well its energy resources allowing a few hours of fairly intense use independently.

For example, the laptop was able to get to 3 abundant usage hours with medium brightness, music playback on YouTube via built-in speakers, Internet browsing with several tabs open and writing of Microsoft Word.

By contrast the charger is excessively large for a portable needing to be recharged continuously and would definitely have been more discreet.

Asus ROG GL552VW clearly not a laptop but a desktop replacement and is not even suitable for all needs. It is aimed at a specific type of user, the gamer is in this sense a great choice.

Great performance, speed, power, storage capacity and a fabulous screen (though not 4K) in the size fairly small for a gaming PC (385x255x32.4 cm) are its strong points.

Too bad that the weight (2,591 kg), the inconvenience in the use, the non-excellent battery, and finally, the average price of € 1,100 are likely to discourage many people to purchase at least for some users.