The day when we no longer turn back to find his iPhone forgotten home has not yet arrived … but the Apple Watch Series 3 is preparing the ground with its cellular connection which further reduces the role of the smartphone.

One year after a series 2 waterproof and equipped with a GPS, the Series 3 continues to carve conscientiously in the lively cord that still connects the watch to the iPhone. The cellular connection is the great novelty of this generation that takes an extra step towards total autonomy. And that justifies the only apparent change of design of Cellular models: the red dot on the digital crown!

At first glance, and even the second, it is impossible to distinguish an Apple Series 2 Series 3. In terms of design, both generations are similar in all. Why not, since after all this still works. Beware however the risk of fatigue, which is felt on the iPhone whose shapes have not changed much since 2014 (except the iPhone X, of course).

The Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular is still a little heavier than its predecessor:

  • 28.7 g v. 28.2 g (38 mm), 34.9 g vs 34.2 g (42 mm) for the aluminum casing;
  • 42.4 g vs. 41.9 g (38 mm), 52.8 g vs 52.4 g (42 mm) for the stainless steel housing.

The new generation is also very slightly thicker, of … 0.2 mm. In practice, once on the wrist, it is impossible to tell the difference between the two generations of Series (well, except the models with the red dot).

We will have the opportunity to come back in the next few days on the Apple Watch Series 3 without cellular connection. Apart from this continuous link with the network, the difference between these two ranges lies in the storage capacity: 8 GB for GPS versions, 16 GB for GPS + Cellular.

The protection of the sensors on the back differs also according to the models. Cellular models benefit from a ceramic back, the “all-in-one” composite GPS models. Some prefer the contact of the ceramic on the skin, but soon enough one does not make much the difference.

Choice and embarrassment
The Apple Watch family is usually overwhelming and once again, this Series 3 is an opportunity for Apple to clean up its range, while adding new models. The catalog is always made of aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic (Edition) boxes which are available for each of these ranges in size of 38 mm and 42 mm. Not to mention the different colors …

The aluminum models are available in GPS and GPS + Cellular versions. Stainless steel watches and ceramic cases are all GPS + Cellular models. This is not without posing at least two problems.

On the other hand, one can not choose an Apple Watch Series 3 in stainless steel that is only GPS. Not only would it have lowered the price of this hypothetical model, but we may want the latest technological refinements (system-on-chip S3, network chip W2, 16 GB storage …) without the cellular connection if we do not have it ‘interest. Certainly, there is nothing to activate it, but it pays for an unnecessary function.

On the other hand, the presence of a “stainless” model without cellular connection would have allowed. This is the case of Belgium, where the Apple Watch Series 3 catalog is reduced to its simplest expression: six models (aluminum enclosures) only. For good measure, we can add the two models of Series 1 that are available on both sides of the border, but we understand that the aficionados of Apple besides Quiévrain have a little bad.