The fans have been waiting the launch of the new version of iPhone with bated breath and the retailers are eager to come out with iPhone 5 deals as well.

The rumour mill has been constantly working when it comes to Apple iPhone 5. And not just now but for past some time now. Everyone was expecting that the iPhone 5 announcement will be done in WWDC this year but that did not happen. Even now, as the release date of the handset is nearing, the rumours continue to float in the market.

The latest piece of information that we hear is that we’ll see not one but two launches this year. There will be an Apple iPhone 4+ and an Apple iPhone 5 that will see the light of the day this year. An analyst has predicted that the iPhone 4+ will hit the market alongside iPhone 5. However, nothing can be said with certainty until there is an official announcement made. The dealers are promising affordable iPhone 5 deals even before the official announcement of the handset. This shows the eagerness of the market when it comes to the launch the next version of Apple iPhone.

There are a number of features that the latest Apple device is expected to come with that will make it a leader. According to the rumour mill, one of the reasons why Apple has delayed the launch of iPhone 5 is 4G. It is expected that the new device will be 4G enabled that give it a lighting fast speed as far as web browsing is concerned.

The screen size may be increased to 4.0 inch.

Though, some rumours also suggest that it may go as high as 4.3 inch but that seems unlikely. The graphics are also expected to improve in the new device. As far as the processor is concerned, an upgrade is expected and is likely. The rumours have it that the new version of iPhone will have a dual-core processor that will make the device faster and much more capable of multi tasking.

It is almost certain that we’ll see an 8 mega pixel camera on the new iPhone device. Most smartphones come with an 8 mega pixel camera these days and it’s likely that Apple will follow the suit. IN case the company chooses to keep a 5 mega pixel camera, it will be hugely disappointing for the users. At the same time, it is also unlikely that the company will push for a higher mega pixel camera that 8 mega pixel. Along with the handset, it’s the iPhone 5 deals that are equally eagerly awaited.

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