A new version of the iPad Air may come in early 2016, albeit without the new 3D Touch. It is assumed as Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst usually reliable on account of the bitten apple, in a note to investors published during the day. The tablet is expected in the first half of the new year, possibly to coincide with the rumored March event, one related to the possible launch of the iPhone 6C. From the group of Cupertino, of course, at the time not come no confirmation whatsoever.

Last September, time of the renewal of the line iPad, Apple has not presented any successor Air iPad 2. A choice perhaps wanted to not cannibalize sales of the new iPad Pro, the tablet peak this season, as well as the ‘ arrival of iPad Mini 4. In a few months, perhaps in conjunction with the spring, the new model will be available, however: according to forecasts by Ming-Chi Kuo since March, in a significantly updated version of hardware than its predecessor, but without 3D Touch.

Not many details have emerged about the possible appearance and performance of the tablet, if not the possible introduction of a more powerful chip, the family A9 6S as well as iPhone and iPad Pro. The exclusion of 3D Touch, however, derives from problems on production: it seems that the technology, introduced this year by Apple on its iPhone 6S and multitouch trackpad on the MacBook, is not yet ready to jump on the big screens. No information on either Pencil Apple, the Cupertino stylus combined with iPad Pros: it is unknown whether it will become compatible with the new 9.7-inch tablet.

Meanwhile, and not surprisingly, the pressure sensing 3D Touch seems to be confirmed for iPhone 7, a smartphone that will come out next September. A little preview of this technology, with features not currently presented, however, could see the light at the launch of IOS 10, scheduled for the traditional event of the WWDC in June. It only remains to wait for the next moves of the group of Cupertino, to figure out which of these predictions will be proved true.