Developed platforms for micro ATX and high-end systems with liquid cooling multiple.
BitFenix ​​is ​​a Taiwanese company specializing in the production of frames and accessories for customizing the desktop. The product portfolio covers approximately thirty different models ranging from compact solutions for mini-ITX motherboards to the more bulky to accommodate motherboards Micro ATX, ATX and a large number of components, graphics cards and drives.

Aegis is a model created to satisfy the desires of advanced users seeking a spacious and functional cabinet, but also with its own character and suitable for modding, motherboard format Micro ATX and Mini ITX.

The exterior finish offers a gloss finish available in five colors – red, blue, black, yellow and white – which is very different from that called BitFenix ​​SoftTouch rubber, used for example for the production of models Prodigy, and through brushed model Pandora. Since the latter frame is mimicked the 2.8-inch LCD screen that was placed behind the front panel and translucent which lets you play a static image – 320 x 240 pixels – which can be set by the user by means of BitFenix ​​Logo software.

After removing the side plate with plexiglass window you enter the large inner compartment that can easily accommodate a motherboard in a reduced size and a number of hardware components. This is the main difference that distinguishes the model from other Aegis BitFenix ​​frames for micro ATX platforms.
Around the housing for the motherboard were prepared space and the steps to the power cables and systems for liquid cooling without this will become compressed into a small volume and leaving a wide margin of maneuver for the assembly and for maintenance and renovation.
Inside the case there is no place for a power supply of large size and power if you wish to realize a configuration with multiple graphics cards.