The Chinese drone manufacturer Yuneec is seeking to diversify its catalog to extricate itself in part from the competition that opposes DJI. For this, he presents three new products at CES in Las Vegas.

It is difficult to coexist with DJI on the drone market, but Yuneec has not said its last word. At CES, the “other” Chinese specialist in this market presents three new products. The first is nothing more than an evolution of the impressive Typhoon H soberly baptized Typhoon H Plus. This drone is once again targeting image professionals, photography and video enthusiasts. If it is still equipped with six rotors, its new engines are more efficient and quieter; it would make 40% less noise in flight and be able to fly steadily despite winds up to 50 km / h. Its photo sensor also evolves to a 1 “20MP model with wide-aperture optics, giving the H Plus much better low-light performance and capturing video in 4K up to 60 fps. Launched in the first half of 2018, the Typhoon H Plus will be priced at $ 1,799 and comes with an Android-powered remote control equipped with a 720-inch 7-inch diagonal (17.8 cm) screen.

If Yuneec is flying in familiar terrain with the Typhoon H Plus, he gets out of his comfort zone with the Firebird FPV, his first fixed wing that is reminiscent of (among others) the Parrot Disco FPV. The idea here is to offer a flight experience closer to that of an airplane, with a return to the “first person” through the integration of a camera on the nose of the product. This kind of wing can reach high speed flying with good autonomy. Thus, the Firebird FPV is supposed to hold 30 minutes in flight. Easy to fly, it incorporates many automatic maneuvers (take-off, landing, return to the starting point), while preventing overflights of prohibited areas and the flight in lowercoaches for security reasons. The Firebird FPV will also be released in the first half of 2018, priced at $ 699.

Finally, the last novelty in the Yuneec catalog is none other than that of a racing drone, the HD Racer. It too is a first, marking Yuneec’s entry into this crowded yet niche market. Small and agile, its propellers are protected and its construction is resistant to shocks. It is of course possible to switch to 100% manual control, but a beginner mode will allow those who start to manage to fly it to participate in their first races. The on-board camera renders a 1080p video signal at 60 fps, the system striving to provide the least latency possible to provide responsive video feedback to the pilot. The HD Racer will not come out before the end of the year, and its reference price is announced at $ 179.