Gone are the days when mobiles were used only to make calls and send text messages.
Today a smartphone can do just about anything, thanks to the numerous and spent ingenious applications but not only.
Thanks to a few gadgets, in some cases more expensive very cheap, it is possible to transform any Android smartphone or iPhone into a different instrument which if purchased separately would cost twice as much or more.
For example, a smartphone can become almost a reflex camera, can become a pair of glasses for virtual reality in 3D and can even become a projector.
This article of tips for purchases, we see 10 best gadgets to add and match to smartphones that can be purchased online at Amazon.

1) The telephoto lens to smartphone transforms the phone into a professional camera and make better pictures almost like those of an SLR.
The cost is low and you can find also paired with a selfie stick or tripod.
On Amazon there are all types, compatible with most smartphones.

2) Google Cardboard is cardboard box designed by Google in which you can place your smartphone to display the virtual reality.
Thanks to some free apps you can see the world in 3D, a movie, a game or great animation to 360 degrees.
The price on Amazon of the box I Am Cardboard is now only 15 Euro.

3) The USB OTG pens of which I have already spoken, allow you to increase the memory of the Android smartphone to carry around a large amount of data that can be documents, pictures or even complete movies.
USB sticks for smartphones are small and fit into the power outlet, running as normal pens USB computers.

4) The bracelet Fitnes s is an indispensable tool for those who do sports, running or biking, to track workouts and their physical state.
Can calculate the number of calories burned, heart rate, distance traveled and also the quality of sleep.
There are a large number of fitness bracelets available on Amazon at very varying prices.
The most famous is the FitBit of which I had already spoken in the article on apps and fitness bracelets to monitor workouts .

5) The battery case is very useful not only to protect your phone from falls, but also to keep it fully charged during the day.

6) The portable charger instead serves to charge your phone wherever we are, without the need to attach it to a power outlet.
Of mobile portable charger there are all kinds of more or less powerful, compatible with any type of phone.
In this regard, I would advise against purchasing these chargers in malls where I saw for sale of low-quality products.

7) The JoyPad to play the game turns the smartphone into a laptop for video games such as the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable.
It is a wireless bluetooth controller, with buttons placed in a manner similar to that of the PlayStation, in which you can embed your smartphone or tablet in a comfortable way.
On Amazon if they are of different types depending on the compatible phone.

8) Speaking of The Pocket Pico Mini LED Projector will switch to much more expensive and innovative items.
This object transforms your smartphone into a projector from the wall, to be able to see movies like at the cinema.
If someone tried, also write here a comment to let us know how it is.

9) The Remote Controlled Robot from your smartphone are essentially toys for young and they are found on Amazon many types, from the tank to the plane or the two wheels.

10) Finally, let’s talk about a very innovative object that lets you use your smartphone and its app just by moving your arm.
It’s called Myo Gesture Control Armband is sold by American Amazon and is also available for shipping in Italy.
From what I understand this gadget allows you to control a computer or phone using hand movements.
For example, you can scroll through a window on the PC without touching a mouse and keyboard, just wearing this bracelet and moving his hand as they do in science fiction movies.
It is a perfect gadget for home automation, drones, computer games and virtual reality.